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Hello, im new here and seriously need to loose weight, im 2 and a half stone over my ideal weight and im very small in height, i look like iv been pregnant for 30 years and iv had enough. At present im calorie counting (3 days and counting). im writing this with my trainers in my bag wanting to go to the gym but i feel so self conscious as i imagine most people in there are body beautiful, and i will turn up in my baggy tracky bottoms what i almost live in and a 5 year old t-shirt. I really need encouragement and advice

Thank you

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My experience is that you'll be in good company - especially at this time of year!

Well done for biting the bullet. If your gym has full of miserable, preening musclemen/women, just ignore them, and do your own thing -- or try another gym!

When the weather improves, you might prefer the outdoors. Many of us do.

Good luck!


I started going to the gym when I was at my biggest in slobby baggy clothes. No one paid me any attention. I wasn't even the biggest person there.

Everyone is too busy working out themselves. I used to bring a book to read on the bike so there would be no way I could accidentally make eye with someone.

Now I'm totally gym confident. I wear lycra leggings and attend gym classes multiple times a week, which I had a big fear of before.

I still have 3 stone to lose! Once you get your foot through the door you'll see there's nothing to worry about. Everyone is there for the same reason whether big or small :-)


What are you using to calorie count?

Many of use the myfitnesspal app - so easy to use and a great little tool.

The other thing you might try is listening to a podcast called "Cut The Fat" - just google it.

Its run by a chemist and a personal trainer and its very motivating plus they are very "real" about things and one of the sessions I listened to focused on exactly what you are saying about feeling intimidated going to the gym.

People there are either so self conscious about their own body or so into looking at themselves that they rarely see you. What you perceive as body beautiful is actually someone who worries that her butt jiggles too much when she runs on the treadmill - its all relative.

WHy not get a personal trainer just for 5 sessions to design a workout for you and get you used to it.

Sometimes our lack of experience in the gym can become an excuse not to go but if you have someone who actually cares about your success helping you along the way it can make a big difference even for just a few sessions.

Plus you then have an ally at the gym as well :)


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