Self righteous

Somebody posted "self-righteous prig" as a comment to one of my posts. Made me think. What some consider motivational might come across to others as arrogant and self righteous. When you post successes, are you putting down the people who don't succeed? When you get that high from exercise will some interpret it as gloating?

Haven't seen any comments like that ever on this site before, so I was a bit surprised.


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30 Replies

  • Just report and ignore them. Sadly on the internet you get a few idiots. Thankfully in here very few.

  • Hi JaySee -

    I've just seen the post you are referring to. How odd - I've never seen a comment like that on here before. I can only assume its someone staying up way past their bedtime :-) There was nothing wrong with your post - we enjoy seeing everyone else's successes and enjoyment on here :-)

  • I've posted lots about my various successes and have also worried that it may seem a bit boastful at times - but this is a place for supporting and celebrating each others' efforts - that's exactly what we're all meant to be doing. I think you just got unlucky. Hope the poster who wrote that message has been dealt with by the admins, or will be dealt with soon. We should feel free to express ourselves on here without feeling anxious about offending anyone - especially those who reply in an unconstructive manner!

  • I went through your posts JaySee and found the comment you were talking about. It's not a name I recognise and they've had little activity. I've seen school kids sneak onto the site and post stupid, insulting and even crude messages. Please report this person and don't be upset about it. It wasn't directed at you, just an idiot getting their jollies!

    Please don't let this incident put you off, because this type of thing is a very rare occurrence :)

  • Thanks for the support - those were my thoughts as well, trolling seems to be a popular sport. But it did really make me think how we come across to those who are not as successful.

    It won't put me off - I've only just started! Thanks anyway😎

  • Well now you know how you come across. Look at your replies.

  • I knew you lot were supportive! Much appreciated👍

  • I love hearing people success stories it really motivates me and encourages me to be more active and healthier. I personally say one should continue saying ones success. :)

  • Hear, hear. Quite agree - it's very motivating to learn how others are doing. Try to ignore the comment. Listen to everyone else! xx

  • Me too! And it motivates me a lot because I'm a really competitive person

  • So sorry you've had such a negative response, there's no reason for it, your post was really good and the photo fab😃

    Maybe a touch of the green eyed monster eh !!

    Catch up soon


  • "Prig" isn't a word I would expect a younger person to use.

    What a silly thing for them to say - I'm embarrassed for them!

  • Actually this person has increased the number of people who have read your delightful well thought out posts.

  • Yes, if only I'd thought of it myself! But it wasn't me - honest!

  • Ha ha!

  • You should not feel guilty about posting a loss. After all, that's really what we'd all like to do. As already said, it can be motivational to those struggling or stuck in a rut. Well done for voicing your concerns on here and we'll done on your loss. I lost last week, gained a bit this week. Guess I'm a 'prig' for posting my gain lol.

    Keep up the good work jayseeskinny 👍

  • Definitely a 'prig' for posting that you lost weight on a weight-loss website. How dare you!? #IronyONObviously

  • I know! I'm the only one who's doing it. I just must have misunderstood what the site was about.

    Thanks for the great comments, I don't mind being a prig at all now!

  • That's just uncalled for that. It really is.

  • Keep doing what you're doing ( you big show off you ;) ) none of the people who matter will have any thoughts other than positive - we're all in this together and learning from each other all the time!

    Kate x

  • If our posts celebrating our successes make us prigs - well to hell with it...let's shout it from the rafters - we are prigs and we are proud!

    I have found nothing but support on here as I battle my demons and put my health in order. I am sorry some tool felt it necessary to vent their anger at you.

    Fear not jayseeskinny, this comment says more about the author than you. What a shame they feel so angry.

    Keep posting those successes because as others have said,I for 1 find them motivating. Go girl! 😊

  • People behaving like this just do not have a life. It is sad really. Obviously a troubled person. Ignore it.

  • Lets all "prig " out together! x

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny - Whatever you do don't let that odd comment put you off.

    I just looked all this up - what a very strange response to a completely lovely post. The person posting doesn't have much activity.... I have never seen anything that aggressive on the site before.

    You sound like a lovely person to go for a walk in the snow with.

  • I had another look and weirdly that person is also now following your posts! It might have been a grab for attention

  • Actually I think it's the other way round. I wanted to see what the young lady (or man) was like. But the other person is not particularly active so far!

  • Hi Jay`

    As others have said just ignore that one strange reply, people on here are so supportive I`ve not seen any negative replies and people really do celebrate others achievements.

    Don`t let it put you off posting and joining in , as we all learn from each others journey and when people are doing well we love to get tips and ideas we can try too!! :-)

  • I like hearing other peoples successes especially when they relate to people who seem to be in a similar position to me. When I post any success it is in the hope that others get motivation from it as if I can do it they can do better.

    You come across to me as very encouraging in that way and trying to inspire others to reach their goals. If that makes someone 'self righteous' my dictionary has got the definition wrong! Just ignore them and know you ARE inspiring others :)

  • Thanks! I think we're all on this site to be motivated and get ideas from other people. There's no point in NOT writing about success stories. And when we're not being so successful it's great to hear from people who were once in our position and got through the bad patch. Or just to be encouraged to plod on. Or just to know that the people on this site know what we're going through.

  • When someone is successful we should here about it, its inspiring and helps to make you think and believe you can do it as well. Keep going everyone we will get there.

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