Just a little thankyou!

Just wanted to say how much this site helps me and all the lovely people on here!! :-)

Its so helpful as the support is incredible and its so nice to have the support without being made to feel guilty! (having been to loads of diet club meetings before I often used to come away feeling worse than when i went in!) whereas on here it is amazing to have so many people who are in the same boat and to be able to help each other with advice and motivation tips.

its a great place to be!! :-)


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  • Oh I agree Mm and I'm so pleased you've posted this thread, because now I can apologise for not being able to reply to you on the weigh-in thread, unfortunately, I'm frozen out of the morning thread now.

  • hee I am so absent minded i forgot about the morning thread stopping moreless!! think I posted on it !! :-)

  • No probs Mm, the other Fab5'ers don't struggle, it's just me :)

  • I struggle from my phone moreless, which is why I can't access it til the end of the day when I get onto my laptop. You're not alone :)

  • It really is a pain! I'm even struggling with the second thread now and the challenge thread! :o

  • Can you get 4G on your internet dongle Moreless? I'm wondering if the problem isn't just that you're working from a dongle, which I am too, but that you're in a non-4G area? I think the site basically needs to be better adapted to be accessed from mobile networks (ALL types of mobile networks) :(

  • No we can't get 4G here! :(

  • I think that could be it. Because my phone is 3G and completely crashes when I try to open a long post. But my laptop works off 4G and is mostly fine. There are optimisers and things that you can get to help with 3G (maybe ask your network provider, O2 or whatever about that), but maybe shorter threads are the way forward, if we can manage them... *or a FIX from the lovely guys in IT please :) *

  • How short is short though, I started to struggle before 9am today!

    We've tried to get assistance from every provider you can think of. I'm not very technical, but in an area where there's no mains water, no mains drainage, no mains gas, no broadband and overhead electricity lines, , 4G doesn't seem to be a high priority :D

  • Hmph. That sounds difficult! Sounds like they need a longer priority list :)

  • We really are out in the sticks and there aren't enough of us for it to be of any concern to them :)

    It's all down to the IT team, I fear :)

  • There really are some lovely people on this forum and you're one of them.

    Lowcal has just told me what you're reply to me was and I'm really touched.

    Thank you for such lovely sentiments :)

  • Thank you so much moreless was really sweet as lowcal let me know you got frozen! Then i tried to reply and couldnt work out why I was frozen until i realised I had accidently switched off my internet hee :-)

    Thank you for your lovely reply moreless :-)

  • This is like the mutual appreciation society :)

  • ha ha :-) if i could d a wink smilie i would 1

  • If you want to wink, Midnight-Munchie - just do this:

    Semi-colon ; then hyphen - then closed bracket ) and put them together like this:


    There you are, you'll do a wink. :-)

    Lowcal ;-)

  • ok here goes .. ;-) da da

  • Thank you Lowcal thats fab got to remember it now !! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • :-) ;-) :-)

  • Midnight- munchie

    No truer words have been spoken !!! 😘 Love this site also......

    100% agree with you.....no one judges you,and help is always on hand....

  • So true June!! ;-)

  • It is 100% the place to be.

  • I totally agree with you, it is a great place to be, I feel so lucky to have found it!

    Now lemme see if I can do this winking thing too. erm. ;)

  • This site makes me smile, there's so much goodwill :) or should that be ;)

  • Hi Midnight-munchie it's really nice to hear that you are finding this forum a great place to be. It's full on lovely like minded people and I feel the exact same :-)

  • Hi Trafford it makes such a huge difference doesn`t it having great people to chat with and I am even getting used to these smilies which is incredible as my family normally despair over my lack of technical skills!

    I am just showing off now ;-) :-) ;-)

  • You guys are hilarious! :d

    This site is so supportive and friendly and positive. I just love everyone's attitude here. You all deserve gold medals!

  • πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜œπŸ€” night all xxx

  • Hey june how did you do all those beautiful pictures! You are so technical Please can you give me some lessons after hopefully when you have slept very well!? :)

  • Lol..... Will do πŸ’‹πŸ‘

  • That is it keep going with all your beautiful pictures. You surprised me I thought you went to sleep! :) :p ;)

  • I am πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Quite agree. It is SO much better, easier, saner losing weight with you lot than it has ever been before. The pressure's off - and so's the weight! I have a life! Here's to the further slendering of us all in 2016! xx

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