Keeping it going!

So i started weigh in on here and to do the steps/km's challenge 2 weeks ago now. Even though i counted calories and exercised, at my first weigh in i had gained 1.4lbs. The old me would have said well i just wont bother with the weigh in...i will ignore it until i have a loss...but in my heart i know this has been part of my problem in the past. I posted my weight gain and i knew that if i kept up the calorie counting and exercise it had to show eventually.

Second weigh in was this morning and i was delighted to see 5lbs gone...hopefully forever. It proved to me that i have always taken the easy road and given up at the first hurdle. None of this is easy but the results are so worth it.

The old me would have celebrated my weight loss with a treat (food related of course)....the new me went out for a 5k run.

I dont know how long this new attitude will last...i know there will be slips along the way. But ive proved to myself that honesty is always the best policy and we all need encouragement from time to time.

Good luck for the week ahead everyone 😀


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6 Replies

  • Oh well said Quin! I agree with every word you've written! :)

    This is the new you (us) and this time you (we) will succeed! :)

  • Well done. It is hard on a cold January day

  • It is Aqua_marine...but feels so good afterwards! 😆

  • Well done. You've obviously.found your grit and determination!

    The thing is if you do slip you just start again and don't use it as a justification for giving up.

  • You stuck with it and seen the results and what a result it is :-) a whole 5 lbs gone! well done and don't ever give up as you are worth it and you have just proved it :-)

  • Fantastic it just shows one should never give up!

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