Second weigh and i am a happy Bunny!

managed just over five pounds on my second weigh in which takes my loss to just over a stone in two weeks! very happy, think this is where the hard work starts but a stone lighter means exercise is now easier so that will be stepped up somewhat, walking, cycling and swimming also got the weight bench out so i can jump on several times a day for short bursts.

still need to keep a tight rein on food intake, i have had zero sugar, alcohol,bread and cut down drastically on salt, one thing i am learning is the hunger pangs are all in the head, when they strike either tough it out or do something to take your mind off it they soon pass, it is still very hard work watching "saturday kitchen" without drooling as i still love good tasty food!!!!


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7 Replies

  • How come your a bunny now?

  • my username is Bikebunny so it just sprung to mind, i am a long way from hopping about in fields yet though, you ok how is it all going?

  • I'm not thirsty

  • I drink lots of water

  • Your on a roll with over a stone gone in two weeks :-) can I just say ...WOW and WELL DONE :-)

  • Thank you, think its going to get a bit tougher now and must lower my sights a bit then i am not disappointed next week, but will keep going, how is it going for you?

  • It's going great for me since I started this I have lost 90 lbs :-) I too am a happy bunny :-)

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