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Monday weigh in

very early weigh in due to flight to Dublin this morning but even after a huge three course roast dinner I'd lost one kg. Very happy with that as it's in the right direction still.

Need to think about what I eat over the next 3 days so I don't put on lots of weight. Already checked the hotel menus to see if there are healthier options

Have a good week everyone

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Great result,

Why not ask the hotel to tweek the menu for you?? If you ask they usually try to accommodate.😃

Enjoy your week


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Thanks Flossie358.

Although I'd planned for a smaller breakfast (it's a buffet cooked breakfast at the hotel) I wasn't as good as I should have been. Luckily I was with two male colleagues who don't have dessert so managed to stay off a pudding and only one red wine each night with dinner plus I wasn't nibbling either.

Scales are slightly up this morning but it's not todays weight that counts but Monday's which will be on Sunday this week. I'll be up in Manchester on Monday so will weigh before I go.


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