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Hit the plat

So I joined in July 2015 weighing in at 89kg which was mostly baby weight that wouldn't shift.

So I set myself the challenge of eating 1200 calories a day and moving more, which consisted of signing up to a bike event a nice 50k (as an intro) which went well and my weight by September was 83kg 😊.

Then disaster I went for a run and hurt my hip, so I went to physio and they signed me up to my local gym so I could get the support to make it better. My programme consisted of swimming, Pilates and a few spinning sessions, with guidance and support along the way I went from 83kg to 75kg in 12 weeks 😊.

My hip is alot better so much so I can do HIIT sessions and have signed up to 70k bike ride (massive thanks to NHS).

However, since Christmas I have been stuck at 75kg mark and it won't budge !!

What am I going to do? I cant eat less than 1200 calories and I do at least 3hrs of exercise a week which consists of high intensity and cardio and I don't eat any process rubbish - any ideas anyone? I need to get to 72kg to be at the high healthy end of the BMI


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