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Disappointing weigh-in

Was disappointed with not an ounce of weight loss this week and I have stuck to calorie allowance I lost one pound last week but the week before had not lost anything for the first time. I am currently on 1200 calories a day if I cut this down to 1100 will this help I am obviously at a plateau and am not able to increase the excersise I do by much. Next week I will be away in a hotel for the week and I do not want to start putting back on.

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Hi..it's a bit deflating when you feel your giving your all and then you get on the scales and there's no change. I felt over the moon last Monday to see I'd reached my 2 stone target, I'm also eating between 1200 -1400 a day and getting plenty of exercise walking miles, only to find I didn't lose an ounce last week. Back to the drawing board today I hope I can break through the plateau too. Good luck this week hope we both can break through the plateau.


Just be patient the weight will come off sometimes it can just take little longer. I maintained this week as well and ran more miles than in a marathon all week to see nothing on the scale, but I have learned that nothing lasts forever and you will start to see results. Keep going with this and continue with the changes you have already introduced. Do you take your measurements ? sometimes you might not see a difference on the scale but you may see a difference in your measurements, it's worth taking a look :-)

Best wishes


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