Getting the negativity under control

I don't know about you but the voice in my head is forever saying "Don't eat that" or "Get up and move" or "Stop being so lazy" or "Don't have the chocolate, don't have the chocolate, don't have the chocolate!"

It always seem to be about what I am not doing or what I could not eat and it can get you down after awhile.

A few days ago I was on the lounge watching TV as usual - I seem to have convinced myself that once it gets to 6 o'clock then its OK to do nothing until I go to bed - and I mean NOTHING.

And I was getting bummed about it and then I thought "Make A Change". SO I got up and put clothes away and sat back down.

And an hour later the thought "make a change" popped into my head so I went outside and gardened for 10 minutes....

I work in s a store which is deathly quiet and I try to get up every hour and I put on a song and lap the store till the songs over. I can get 6000 or so steps in over 8 hours but then today I thought "Make A Change"

So I queued up 4 songs and walked for 20 minutes. And did the same 90 minutes later ... And am already at 6000 steps with ages to go so I might get to 12000 steps today!

When I stopped at the supermarket last night for milk I almost got a chocolate and as I stood in front of the chocolates I thought "Make A Change" and I just turned and walked to the register and left.

It really seems to be making a difference to the way I approach things and hopefully it will last.

Instead of berating myself or thinking I HAVE to do something or I MUST get up or I CAN'T eat that, it seems like the positive thought of just MAKE A CHANGE keeps me happier and more positive.

I know I should exercise, I know not to eat the chocolate, I know that chips are not my friend so nagging myself in my head really makes no sense - I already know everything I repeat over and over again.

By just saying "Make A Change" I get the option of what change that will be - whether its star jumps or not having the pizza or doing a 2 minute fast walk instead of being on the lounge or turning off the TV 10 minutes early.

So far it seems to be working so maybe its worth trying?

Why not make A Change?


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13 Replies

  • Small changes definitely add up. Good for you - such a good positive attitude to have. Lifestyle changes for a healthier you. I'm going to follow in example today I think :) Lets make and support change!

  • I really love this idea Dave, and I will be thinking of it when I go to my daughters tonight. I usually allow myself a can or two of cider on a Saturday night ( or wine, whatever) but its Monday, and just because I'm going to hers later to watch a film, I don't want any today. So, ill make the change, and instead, have squash or coffee, and ill drive up, even tho its quite near, and then i definately wont have a can.

    Good thinking Dave !

  • I am trying to follow your sensible suggestions but really stuck right now. I had a major op in September and I just can't seem to get back on track. Up until then my weight was sensible, and just where I wanted it, now I am about a a stone overweight because I am binge eating. So just for today I am going to make a change and eat healthy food all day. I let you know how it goes, I'm sure if I can do it for a couple of days I might be more motivated in the long run. Food is like an addiction, especially bad food.

  • Fab attitude...i love it 😀

  • So inspirational dave thanks! Wish i had this thinking last week when i had slid of the plan but got back on it by the weekend. Your right about always thinking about "dont eat that" "must do more excercise" it does get you down and i find i end up doing the opposite. So this week when these thoughts pop into my head i will "make a change" instead. 😊 thanks

  • There are an awful lot of changes we can make - change hairstyle, change job, change hobby, get a bike, get positive! Get out of that rut & take control. I like your thinking....

  • I am going to tell myself in my head too "Make A Change"

  • Brilliantly simple but so effective in motivating you and not making you feel bad like all the 'shoulds' and 'don't's'. it makes it into a positive choice you are making and doesn't add any value judgements. Thanks for sharing this great strategy, Dave!

  • I'm spotting a parallel - make A change - keep your pledge just for ONE day. Tackle the small things, they're manageable, and less daunting than over-arching commands like "don't eat any chocolate" (bah!) Glad you're winning these small battles Dave - you'll win the whole war eventually :)

  • That's really great advice. I have the same problem as soon as you start to diet you either look at what you can't have instead of what you can and set yourself up for a fall by not planning. Your mantra 'Make a change' will help me focus. Thanks for that. You can also add to it - It's OK to be human.

  • Thank you Dave, what a simple but effective way to stay focused.

  • Well done for being so positive and wow, creativw abt exercise- walking lapa at work! It just shows that there really is no excuse if you're determined you'll find a way!

    Very inspiring!

  • Really like this. Well done you. It's definitely not a good idea to beat yourself up with negative stuff.

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