So fed up it's pathetic!

I joined this forum a while ago, got into the habit of checking posts and chatting with people. But then I got cocky. I lost a few pounds and thought I'd be ok on my own. But I'm not. I've come to the conclusion that I'm an emotional eater. I've never really thought about what 'type' of eater I am before but I'm hoping that by recognising the underlying issues attached to food, I've got a better chance of sorting myself out. I eat things I don't even want. I'm typing this after eating a load of spread cheese on crackers and I was thinking about getting some crisps while I was eating them. I'm not hungry. I've had a Sunday roast for tea but I can't seem to just sit and relax. I have to be doing something and a lot of the time, that's eating. So I'm hoping that by reading and sharing thoughts on here, I might motivate myself to take baby steps to address my issues. Fat fingers crossed!! :)


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  • Hi,

    You aren't alone finding yourself eating through boredom or for other nonsensical reasons. I spend a lot of time online when watching TV just to stop me eating. I do online jigsaws which help - before you know it an hour has gone.

    It drives me nuts when I am obsessing about food and yet I know I'm not hungry - you are certainly in good company and identifying these problems will hopefully help you find some solutions.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you! I'm hoping that chatting to like minded people on here might help me out. The frustrating part is that I can lose weight no problem when I'm in the right frame of mind, it's just sorting my mind out that's the issue at the moment.

  • I feel totally the same as you :(. I've sucked on so many boiled sweets my mouth is killing me yet all I want is to have some more!!!!! WHATS WRONG WITH ME?????

  • I've done that too!! I was eating a family bag of lattice crisps the other day, started with just a handful and carried on, my tongue was killing but before I knew it I'd eaten the whole bag!! This is why I really need to sort this. The weight is gonna just keep creeping on if I don't do something soon.

  • I think if food was made illegal it would help me loads! Lol

  • Me too! :)

  • No way! That'd just make it more enticing!!

  • I think if it was tasteless I certainly wouldn't be overweight!

  • Join the club! Stay away from the kitchen. Find something that you enjoy doing like knitting, sewing get your hands busy and than hopefully you will not eat. Just keep telling yourself I don't want to eat as I will just up putting on weight. Hopefully this has helped you. Good Luck!

  • It helps to use the forum as a focus.

  • I would definitely say I'm an emotional eater but I am getting better. I have to be very strict with myself, I can't eat a handful of crisps out a big bag without eating the entire bag. I can however take a handful of crisps put them in a bowl and then put the bag of crisps away, just, this is a recent development. Things like sweets, chocolate, desserts, I will only buy single servings of and if I buy bigger ones to share I have those people take them away with them.

    I stopped counting calories and it really took away my obsession with food while trying to diet. I know what healthy food is, I know what a portion looks like. So I just work of that and it's a lot easier.

  • Sam, I agree with everyone else, you must find some distraction, and I can't think of a better one than some form of exercise. Go for a walk in the neighborhood listening to your music, bring your step counter with you, so you know much good you have done to yourself...TV doesn't work well for most people, since in fact we often eat more while watching the telly. And don't forget our worst enemy is sugar, so if you to snack pick up something savoury, other than sweet. After reading a book called 'I quit sugar' I understood a lot about things I was doing wrong in the past ( such as choosing low fat sugary yogurt over the natural full fat one, the first one I could have loads of and still be hungry, the second would satisfy me with 100g or less!!!). Seriously cheese is better than sweets, I know you say you don't eat out of hunger, but the last thing you need is something that plays yo-yo with your mood and energy level!

    If anything, since cutting sugar back , including the great quantities of fruits I used to have, I noticed that I have a more manageable appetite, which makes it all easier.


  • I am the same - well not that I got cocky but I lost 10 kg and put 12 on - not exactly what the forum is for methinks :)

    Good luck - small steps, big losses.

  • I completely sympathise with you on this. I'm an emotional eater too. Because I have ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I have spent three years not being able to be active, to distract myself with tv, books or the computer and the only thing I could do until recently that didn't make my symptoms worse was sit and eat. For a short time this makes me feel better because I have the pleasure of eating but then I feel awful, and most of the time I wasn't hungry, just feeling tired, or in pain or just bored! I'm trying to eat more healthy things, like fruit or vegetables if I really can't get passed the urge and I'm trying to have smaller portions at meal times but habits are so hard to break!

    Keep your chin up SamBow, remember that you are doing this for you and for each small victory you have loved yourself a little bit more. We are worth the respect and should definitely give ourselves more of it!! Good Luck!


  • Thank you. You sound just like me, it's such a vicious circle isn't it. I'm off work today and I'd usually have a shower in the morning but I'm going to wait until tonight and have one at the time I'd usually be eating. Even I can't eat in the shower :)

  • Another thing I've noticed is that I often eat when in fact I'm thirsty. I am going to try to have a drink whenever that nagging ' you must eat!' Voice appears and see what happens. I know I am dehydrated because my kidneys ache and my wee is like a neon beacon!!

  • Breaking the habit of emotional eating is really hard what then the habit of eating when you are bored. It's something I struggle with myself.

    I think what is most important is to forgive yourself and focus on finding ways to curb the eating. Perhaps remove the food that makes you snack and switch it out with something else so if you can't hold back then at least you will be munching on something healthy.

    I am a major sweet eater during the evening so now we got bunch of carrots, apples and cucumber because they all have textures and flavors I find favorable.

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