Not enough time to do exercise?


I've been trying to lose weight for about a year. Whilst I have lost some weight, I've done next to nothing in the exercise area. I'm very inactive and I have always been this way. The most I do is walk to and from college everyday (approx. half an hour each way) and walk my dog. With college taking up most of the day and depending on what shifts i'm given, my job taking up most evenings and weekends, I'm struggling to fit any exercise in.

What do you do to fit in some sort of exercise in a busy schedule??

Thank you :)


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11 Replies

  • Doing your walking at a brisk pace is more likely to be beneficial for your heart and lungs. 140+ beats per minute for twenty minutes, or 150+ bpm for 12 minutes will achieve a training effect.

    A doctor emphasised we can't outrun a bad diet, or in other words if we continue to take in too much energy that is easily turned to fat it would be difficult to be active enough to undo that (plus our food needs to provide other, essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals).

    Good luck!

  • I usually walk at different speeds depending whether I'm running late or not but I'll def start walking a brisk pace no matter what.

    Thank you for your advice :)

  • Hi, I run 3 times a week for about half an hour in the evenings. I've managed to fit that in working full time but I do hear the problem. It's not easy but it sounds like you do a fair bit already!

    Elsie xxx

  • Sounds like you do a already load of walking for your commute and with the dog: that's all my mother ever managed during her working days and she has easily outlived most of her friends and can still walk a fair distance.

    As Concerned said- you could probably ramp that up a bit by consciously going fast occasionally and revving up your heart rate. (If you do then wear trainers and keep you work shoes at the office and carry in a clean shirt so you dont have to worry about getting sweaty)

    If you have a smartphone walk logger would keep going int he background and tell you how much you are actually doing. You could then join the the round the world in 80 day thread.

  • Thank you, I've downloaded a pedometer onto my phone and I'll have a look at the thread you've mentioned

  • If I'm short on time I got for a HIIT workout, generally a youtube video or just whatever exercises I feel like doing if I really can't be bothered searching for a video. It's short bursts (like 20secs) of intense exercise followed by a rest period and then you repeat. There's plenty of videos for around 15 minutes, some are even less, and most don't need any equipment so it's easy to do at home.

  • Thank you very much. i'll look up some videos today :)

  • Maybe you can take a slightly longer route to college and get some more exercise in at lunchtime. Does your college have a gym or fitness classes at all?

  • It only has a sports hall I'm afraid. I'm not too sure about if there's any fitness classes on.

    But I shall take a longer route to college today :)

  • I would wear a pedometer and try to ensure you do at least 10,000 steps per day. I wear a Fitbit and rather addicted to it. I would try to join a class. It's easier with a group or I would download the couch to 5k app on the NHS site it's free and very motivating. Good luck. Any movement is good

  • I've just downloaded a pedometer onto my phone, I'll try it out

    Thank you

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