Exercise and diet must go together

Hi all, after a short break of trying to eat less, I have come to realise the importance of exercise, gentle exercise, such as stretches. I attended the gym recently to do the treadmill and rowing and also (believe it or not) decided to walk about 4 miles instead of taking the tube. This has helped me and made me want to continue with exercise as well as watching what I eat. I met a girl in the gym who told me about Darcey Bussell and her Pilates regime, as a former ballerina....i think Pilates is the way to go! please give us your views?


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8 Replies

  • I don't know about pilates (but I intend to give it a go soon), but I agree that exercise really helps with weight loss - and also makes you feel great!

  • Hi Missussim

    I've been doing Pilates for a few years and definitely feel that it has been beneficial for my health. It has increased my stamina and flexibility and, I think, help trim my waist.

    Make sure you find a properly qualified instructor!

  • Hi Penel, well I dont know about finding an instructor who will charge an arm and a leg...i intend to follow the exercises I see Darcey doing online... may I ask your age? I'm an older one... its much harder to lose it then but I will persevere

  • Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a cheap form of exercise! I was having such back problems, which it has cured, that I will carry on with it for as long as I can afford it. I'm well into retirement.

    The exercises look easy when you first start but are surprisingly tough, so take it easy and don't push yourself too much. I concentrated so much on getting the exercises right that I forgot to breath, not a good idea!

    Good luck with Darcy's exercise program, it looks OK as far as I can see.

  • I've been going to pilates twice a week now since a little before Christmas. I really enjoy it, I'm noticing improvements to my flexibility already and am definitely slimming down. I do a lot of other exercise classes as well so I love pilates as I get to really stretch off any tightness lingering from those classes.

  • SO true and exercises really helps with motivation as far as diet goes - when you feel active you are less likely to eat badly.

  • I do Pilates once a week. I love it and it's good for flexibility. I'm 62 so no spring chicken. I walk my dogs everyday but at the end of the day even though exercise makes you feel good and has many benefits it's what you put in your mouth that counts. very annoying but true.

  • hi Florence I just turned 63 on 29 Dec...lol....and off to the gym now, to do the treadmill and other rowing and such machines...gonna keep up with the Pilates exercises that Darcey Bussell does...as I also used to do ballet when I was younger...i was so flexible then...a long time ago :)

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