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drinks with friends

I think saturday started wrong. I didn't fancy breakfast as I'd had a bad night through itching. went shopping, met friends and away we go!! I thought, one glass of chardonney won't hurt. One led to three. then when we got home two largish whiskies.

rest of the day foodwise was fine but I could kick myself for having those drinks.

we always meet friends sunday so I'm going to try and limit the amount of alcohol I have. trouble is, a tonic water without the gin isn't a drink (so my gin drinking friend tells me!)

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What happened yesterday happened. No use in beat yourself up. Pick yourself and dust yourself off. Now you learnt if you can't limit yourself than void it altogether. Don't listen to your friends will . It is your health you have to listen to your body and no-one else.

Good luck for today. Hope you have a better day!


Agree with bakersdozen that was yesterday.what you going to do about today.

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I had to give up drinking for other reasons but gee I know that my willpower suffered during and after drinking sessions - I feel for you!


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