How do u fit exercise around kids

Hi everyone, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today I was all up for following the 12 week plan and was going to post my weight loss on Monday. My excuse is that my 2 daughters aged 18 months and 3 have got a cold and are not sleeping well. I only got 4'hours sleep last night and ended up eating every couple of hours. I'm sure I've put in a couple of lbs, forget about losing them.

Also re exercise I do a Jillian Michaels DVD beginner shred, 20 mins. How does everyone fit in exercise with kids ? I would love to go and walk but it's so cold too


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  • Hi Adheela,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself today - sounds like you're having a tough time - must be challenging when your two young children are struggling to sleep with their colds. The weather doesn't help either, does it?

    I also have that DVD that you mentioned - and I find it really good, fun to do. I've not done mine for a while though. I used another one today, by Bob Harper instead, and that focuses on Core Cardio.

    I haven't got children myself, so I can't really say how you'd fit the exercise around your children, but maybe you could make it an exciting time when they could maybe enjoy their own dancing alongside you doing your exercises? Or you could do it whilst they are sleeping?

    You're feeling sleep deprived yourself, so try not to get too stressed out with thoughts of losing weight - just do your best, and I hope you'll still join us in the Monday group weigh-in regardless, as many of us put on weight some weeks, and it can really help to have the group support in those circumstances, as well as when we've lost weight. I don't know which way the scales will go for you on Monday, but I hope it's not as bad as you anticipate, and even if you've gained, hopefully you'll find that we can offer you some encouraging support to help spur you on to achieve a loss the following week.

    Hope you have a better night's sleep tonight, Adheela, and that tomorrow is a good day for you. Hope you feel better mood-wise really soon, and that your children recover from their colds soon.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • They are quite young so you can try exercising when they are in bed. Mine are much older but I try to do it first thing in the morning while I still have energy.

  • Can you go to the park or just take out out for a walk and that way your errands will get done but right now you need your sleep.

  • Maybe focus on your diet more than exercise until the weather improves

  • My daughters 18months too, my wife works back shift so usually she's home around 8, I make the dinner for her coming in and then head out almost as soon as she gets home then I just microwave my dinner when I get home

  • I have a theory that it's easier to go out in cold weather than in wet. In fact I quite like going out in a good frost with plenty of layers. Would it be worth buying a jacket that could be windproof and maybe shower proof . I guess if you don't have a double buggy suitable for a baby and a toddler it's hardly worth getting one now.

    Re the snacking. Try to only keep healthy food in the house . That will require your partners cooperation of course ,if he is still there.

    I find the food diary very useful for keeping track of what I'm eating. And to put down every morsel including the chip I stole from my husband's plate!

  • Wrap the children up warm and get out in the fresh air for a walk, take the kids to the park, give them some outdoor experience. The fresh air and exercise will help them sleep and kill off those bugs. Fresh air, if wrapped up warm, never harms a child

  • Hi hun ..I have 3 kids 3 has learning disabilities and suspected ASD ...I do my workouts in the morning....I have the new davina DVD...I tip would be stick to short workout .....I find anything over 20mins my kids go mental

  • Hi Adheela

    I have an older child who needs very little sleep. I work full time too.

    At the end of the day I do like to watch a little TV at least one thing at 8 or 9 o'clock, just for me!

    So I walk with purpose on the spot while I am watching it.

    Now I know I must do more than this eventually but for now it is better than nothing!

    I have a fitbit but any pedometer would work well. I set a goal e.g. to walk 10000 steps. Then I usually find that I am motivated enough to set another goal.

    You must be shattered now with the lack of sleep and I truly do understand. So you could just start to try to do a few more steps than you did yesterday. Don't aim for huge numbers straight away. If your average is 2500 aim for an additional 100 or 500 for everyday that week. Build on it each week.

    For me It doesn't feel like a chore as I am still watching my programme and I walk with more vigour than I would normally walk.

    Have you joined up to Lizzy's walking around the world in 80 days? This is so motivating as you add your steps / km everyday. It has helped me to make sure i try to do as many steps as i can and I know I am definitely doing more steps because of it.

    If you have an OH wanting some peace to watch TV you could do it in another room to your favourite tunes?

    You don't need to change into suitable clothes or footwear, you can do it in your socks! You don't need to set up a DVD... just walk!

    Also while kettle boiling, while running children's bath... step on the spot.

    If you are in the phone (when my child was pre school I would talk to my mum and friends a lot! ) don't stand stiĺl, walk all around the room as you talk.

    Every step helps and it doesn't feel like another chore on top of a busy and tiring day.

    Whatever you decide - good luck! I hope everyone is well and sleeping better soon. ☺

  • Hi, I have a 5 and a 2 year old and I know how hard it is. I also work part time in a job that demands a lot of work at home. It's tough. The home DVD work out this ha don't work until the kids are older in my experience, so my 5yo is fine and just ignores it while my 2yo just ended up on top of me or demanding to be picked up and no daytime naps to use so. Yeah.. It's tough.

    First of all do you have someone who could have your kids for 30 mins every other day? If you don't have a partner or a family member near by maybe a friend/neighbour would do this in exchange for the occasional bottle of wine or maybe they would like the favour returned?

    If you could do this then you could have 30 mins to yourself, to go for a walk (building to a run) to do an exercise DVD and have a coffee. I mean to have a sit down or shower in peace would be nice, wouldn't it??

    I have recently done this, my husband gets in from work at 7:15 and while he puts the kids to bed I either go for a run or listen to a meditating video on YouTube. I cannot tell you how much more relaxed I feel. If you don't have anyone that would give your 30mins everyday I'm sure they would every other day until the kids are a bit older and maybe then they start childcare and things get easier.

    Best of luck!

  • Many mothers find they get better sleep with their toddlers in bed with them. And perhaps, assuming you have suitable clothing, everyone would sleep better with a bit of a walk outside (admittedly if your 3 year old is no longer up for being pushed it might be rather slow)

    Some good suggestions of walking on the spot whilst watching TV - there are some free YouTube videos specifically on this if you prefer. You might find your little ones will join in with you (like my cats join in with my morning yoga)

    The only time I needed to and lost weight previously was when my children were younger and my health was worse and it can be done without a lot of exercise. But I blame them for needing to... it was not wanting to 'waste' their food as they got fussy that did it!

    The 12 week plan is really just a sensible gradual way in rather than a defined 12 week 'do or die' kind of thing so just do what you can do... there will be better weeks.

  • Oh I feel like giving u all a hug, u all made me feel so much better. Thank u, luckily kids slept straight through from 7-8 and I got to sleep from 9 so I feel brilliant

    Thanks lowcal - don't think I could b brave enough to do 30 mins cardio, I can just about do the beginner DVD shred (only 20 mins), I normally do it when theyr in bed and I have enough energy. I am hoping to get back to it today. Although I like the idea of walking on the spot whilst watching a fav to programme. I might add that or do that if I don't manage to do anything else. I will post on Monday I think whatever happens as I have already found the encouragement to be so good.

    Already thinking about targets for the week :

    - I am going to make sure my diets good this week

    - minimum 20 mins beginner shred or 30 m walking on spot

    - once kids get fully recovered from cold I might even walk and drop the older one at preschool maybe twice a week to start with. (Just 15mins walk away).

    LeiaMichelle, bless you that must be so hard but at least u have got through the early stages and u have ur 16 year old to help too. Thanks

    Asics - thanks for ur message I really love ur idea of walking on the spot. I haven't got a pedometer and not sure about joining lizzys thread just yet. Il bear it in mind though. Thank u

    Catmay - I have my mum n dad just a couple of streets away. I have my 2 sisters and mum n dad. They help with regard to childcare a lot so that's good and helpful, don't know where I'd b without them. Hubby works away. The older one goes preschool 12-3 every day and the younger one naps so I get an hour to myself almost every day.

    Google me - the older one is already in my bed, I tried to sleep train cos my hubby can't get a good night sleep when he's back. I just can't do it so I've just given up. I may as well focus on losing weight and being healthier as that seems more achievable than getting her in her own bed lol!!

    Thanks so much guys - sending a hug to u all xxx

  • When I was in my 20's I had boys who were a year apart same birthdays so they were both still on reins or in double push chair. I used to work as a teacher mornings and they went to the school crèche/nursery I used to pick them up and go home have lunch watch pebble mill and words and pictures then we used to all go to bed for an hour as I was so exhausted. I then felt better able to cope with them as hubby used to work in London and didn't get home until 7pm. Without sleep I was useless so I would grab any chance to have a nap and not feel guilty until you all feel better and if you are asleep you wont be eating just plan what you are all going to eat first.

  • Check out the recent 'Trust me I'm a Doctor' series. Episode 1 shows how the do some simple exercises at home. They really work.

  • My children are older so I can understand it can be difficult for you to fit it in, but what I do is exercise before the kids even get up so 5:30 or 6:00 am I begin. Sometimes it runs into them getting up, but I would just be finishing off the exercise. Hope you find a way round this :-) and hope the children feel better soon so you can catch up on some well needed sleep :-)

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