Starting a very big challenge

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie. I just happen to come across this site. I live in Australia. I am not supposed to be able to lose this weight that I put on 50 kg gained in a very short time due to a rare disease Dercums and lipo-lymphedema. I would be extremely happy though if I could even lose 10 kg this year. My weight prior to the health problems was 60 kgs. It added another person to me lol. I am having to use a wheelchair outside my home, however I can workout in a heated pool so that will be my excercise. My weigh ins can fluctuate as much as 7kg due to the Lymphedema but after a few weeks I should be able to have an idea if I've lost any weight. I plan on using the low cal and low carb. We are not supposed to be able to lose the weight that's why my name is "giving never a chance". I hope I am able to prove them wrong. lol You sound like a great and very supportive group. I hope with working along with you will make any improvement that much more exciting than doing it on my own. Good luck to everyone !!!!!!


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  • I like your attitude givingneverachance16. We never know how far we'll get unless we give it a go!

  • Thank you. Concerned and good luck Hope you have a great weigh in,

  • Hi and welcome GNAC. I wonder if your doctor can tell you about any specific diet that can help with your condition.

    The pool exceecise sounds good but you should try and so something most days of the week. Someone here was looking at seated workouts and you can also try some gentle strength and flex.

    Even if you'd find it difficult to lose weight there's no reason not to try - I applaud you.

  • Hi Keep on going, They suggest the RAD diet but it's pretty full on. The problem we have with anything strenuous for example working out in the pool is that it can take days even weeks to recover energy and pain wise and too much can cause us to get get even more fatty tumours. I have the tumours all over from ankle to neck and a lot in the abdomen and they are extremely painful. An example is taking a shower is very painful and if I can get my hair combed out my arms are worn out and will be very sore for days. I have to have my husband do it at times. Planning on cutting it shorter when I can go. Thankfully he is very happy to do it.. I also have a stationary bike I forgot to mention. On good days I can ride it for 1 maybe even 2 k. I tried dieting before and it didn't work but I am bigger now than I was then so I am hoping it will give me a break with working out some as well. lol Another problem is energy. We get tired very easy and are supposed to try and keep some energy reserved. So if I go swimming then I would have to sleep for a while afterwards. It's all a bit confusing. Thank you though I am very excited to see if it will work

    this time.

  • I understand. I guess you need to do what you can, when you can ensuring you have enough time to also rest and recover.

    I think there's an LSN forum here that you can also join. There may be people with the same condition that you can swap tips with.

  • Hello and welcome from across the pond😃

    I do admire your determination and you are so right to just go for it, slow and steady wins the race😃

    You will find loads of inspiration, motivation and humour so enjoy your journey.


  • Hi and welcome Gnac (sorry, great name but very long ;) )

    We have a welcome newbie thread, which I shall give you the link to, but am unsure of how much it will help you

    I'm afraid I have no knowledge of the conditions that you're unfortunate enough to have and will need to do some research, but you seem very knowledgeable and very determined not to let them beat you. I admire that very much!

    We are a very friendly and supportive group and will help in any way we can. I'm thrilled you've decided to join us and am looking forward to keeping track of your progress.

    Wishing you all the success in the world :)

  • Wishing you a warm welcome. I can't really add anything extra to what people have already said, except that I hope you enjoy being part of this community and that you join in on things that interest you, and wishing you lots of success going forward.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good luck. You have a great attitude and deserve success :)

  • Go for it! Looking forward to hearing of your future success :-)

  • Thank you

  • Good luck :) you could jump on the around the world in 80 days challenge - you'll be able to see all your efforts combined with everyone else's and it is really motivating and full of good feedback from all the other travellers..

    Kate x

  • Thanks Kate, i will join the group as you suggest. Where is the link for it? John

  • Hi John, if you look up and follow Lizzy383040 and moreless, you will get updates when the challenge is posted each day. It is a popular thread so should come up in the daily feed too. I'm on my phone today and can't copy links :/

    Hope you find it :)

  • Thank you

  • Hi and welcome - sounds like you have some challenges there but it also sounds like you are ready to do battle!

    I am also in Australia - Sydney.

    This is a great and supportive group and I'd encourage to read through the thread that moreless provided as there are lot of great tips.

    I am very glad you at least can exercise in the pool - being active always no matter what the situation.

    Best of luck and I'llk be thinking of you.

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