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The long lost self-esteem

Hey guys. I'm 68 kg and 157 cm. I just graduated high school and yeah, high school was a tough phase for me. Being called fat, obese has no longer give any effect to me.

I managed to get some friends through my bubbly personality, but I'm not a typical girl. My friends didn't asked me to accompany them to shopping because they know searching for my size is hard. We don't talk about fashion and mostly it's all about academics.

I've tried a lot of pills and dietary supplement but none of it worked. I always follow the health blog and they always told us to go for jogging. Living in a country like this, people judge you a lot. If i tried to jog, mostly people will laugh at me because of my body size. I starved myself a lot and at a certain point, I couldn't do it anymore so I ate more and more.

I really need motivation from you guys because when I discovered this blog everyone is supporting each other in this community. Can you guys help me to get my self-esteem back and start the lose weight journey with you guys?


The obese.

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Welcome infinite7!

Try making just one change that you will actually enjoy doing, and keep doing!


Four pieces of advice

1. Don't doubt yourself, by eating a healthy, calorie controlled diet you can lose the weight

2. Look at the 12 week plan and follow it

3. Exercise more. You don't have to go jogging or join a gym. Get out there and walk. Aim to reach 10000 steps a day.

4, Get yourself a fit bit (or similar ) and use it to monitor your steps and other activities. By using it properly you will be able to see how to achieve what you want to achieve

Please let us know how you get on

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Nobody will laugh at you I see really large people at the gym much larger than you and no one laughs I just think well if they can do it so can I and good on them. Ever seen biggest loser I love that show I never laugh at them, I think they are inspirational


People on here won't laugh, they will give you all the support that you need just by reading the post they put up. Big thing with me is to make sure you are losing weight for the right reason that you want a better life style, not because your friends don't go shopping with you.

I can assure you, you don't want to be my age and be overweight, the pain I had in my hips and legs was starting to be crippling and I feel so much better for having lost some weight, I still have away to go but I'm getting there and each days is another step in the right direction.

So get going and start the journey, keep looking on here just keep telling ever body how you are doing you will make it.


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