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chair exercises

we live in a flat in a sheltered accomodation complex. its a ground floor flat with wet room. I have got the start of osteoporosis in my knees which is why we moved from our house . exercise can be difficult with bad knees, walking is what we do. however we went to a meeting today to hear about chair exercises and we have signed up for them.it involves using a stretchy band around feet arms etc.I'm sure it is going to help. saves falling asleep in the chair, and as my mobility is restricted seem a good way to help keep my muscles etc. working.

anyone else tried this work out?

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Hi majorcagirl, I havnt been to a class but I also cannot exercise at mo, and have used resistance bands from a chair. Its very good and uses a lot more energy than people think. There are lots of chair exercises on youtube, I'm not savvy enough to send you a link, but search on youtube for chair exercises and you'll find them.

Good luck !


Hi Majorcagirl,

Here's a link to a chair exercise routine:


I haven't watched it though, so hope it's a good one!

Lowcal :-)


I have been doing chair based exercise, on and off, for years. Started in order to encourage my husband, have continued as opportunities have arisen, on tge grounds that any exercise is better than none!

Definitely helps with balance and mobility, and you can work as hard as you are able.


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