It's a thought !!

Going through the bbc news on line and there is an article suggesting food/drink manufacturers should not only print the calories/sugar/fat on every product but they should also be labelled so people know how much activity it would take to burn it off🤔

For me I think it would put me off grabbing something quickly and thoughtlessly hoping it would be 'OK' only to find out later, and once eaten the calories/sugar/fat were huge !!

What do you think ??



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12 Replies

  • heard Chris Evans this morning, I think its a great idea although stuck with 37 Calories for lunch today to make up for this evenings wine and Marks and spencer gastropub pie!

  • Very lol


  • They could just put a photo of how I looked in holiday in Oct 2014 - that'd put me off!

    I wonder if it would have the adverse effect knowing you have to run say 5km to burn off a Mars - people may just think if that's all a 5km run burns off I can't bothered!

  • Interesting! Could work both ways. Perhaps they should put mini mirrors on so as you bend your head to read the data we could see our double chins in all their glory. Perhaps with a caption 'come now... eating this will just add more fat to that. '

  • Oh that's a thought !! Made me laugh though 😃

  • Was that photo your moment ??

    I think people would be really shocked at how much they would have to do to burn off high cal stuff🤔 It's so easy to then say 'sod it' , eat it and sit on the couch !! ( not us though! ) lol


  • No Flossie - I was in denial. A simple news article saying that walking 20 minutes a day can extend your life and that inactivity kills more than obesity is what got me started. It was another month before I actively started to lose weight.

    I've always been big but about 5 stone heavier. Even things like ankle boots not fitting I'd blame on manufacturers making them smaller. The truth only really hit as I lost weight.

    The holiday photos in Oct 2014 was probably me at my heaviest and are pretty hard to look at now - it is the weight on my face that I hate so much!

    It is so easy to just do nothing about it but on the flip side, it isn't that hard to do something about it if you go at your own pace :)

  • Denial is an awful thing eh ! But once faced it's so liberating😃

    I look back at photos and struggle to believe it's me. My image of me in my head versus the reality of me was very very different!

    It took a long time to see and I'm not sure I would have made all the changes if I'd not had my stroke.

    Just yesterday I bumped into my old boss and he did not recognise me, last time we met was at my final sick review meeting prior to ill health retirement and that was 18 mths ago. It gave me a real glow I can tell you 😃

    I do think the real success is going at your pace certainly for me slow and steady is working. At the end of the day we have a life to live and it's not healthy to become obsessive about it.just enjoy the journey, I know I am😃


  • I am so glad my health didn't force me to change but it was only a matter of time. I am also glad that what happened to you made you change for the better - not everyone sees such a thing as a opportunity to change for the better.

    It is so great that your old boss didn't recognise you for all the right reasons :)

    As they say it's not the destination (well it is in this case) but (also) the journey!

  • And are we not on the journey of our life , bumps and all !! Lol


  • Absolutely :) Trying to get rid of my bumps - well most of them ;)

  • I like the idea, it gives a realistic idea of what calories are about, I.e energy o be used or stored as fat.

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