Have just filled up 5.5 4 pint milk bottles with water and tried to lift them up the stairs, I must never go back to what I was, that is the weight so far that has been on my knee 27 extra pounds, it really makes you think, onwards and downwards, need to buy my hula hoop next. Hope everyone is feeling great, its bright and sunny this morning but the pond is frozen so must be cold. I must get moving, have good day .


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8 Replies

  • What a fab thing to do, I think there's nothing so powerful as the reality of being able to see how far we have changed 😃

    You are so right onward and downwards, have a lovely day


  • Wow!! Visual aids are a real powerful tool in our battle for a healthy weight and weightloss, as you have demonstrated so well. Good luck with the 'hula', I have never been able to do it, child or woman, slim or chunky. I just don't have the right rythym, try as I might, lol. I have a friend who 'hulas' her way through Emmerdale or Corrie, stopping only for the ad breaks, totally amazing. She does this 4 times a week and walks the dog every day, that is the sum total of her exercise routine. 😊

  • Scary, isn't it? I backpacked sugar and oranges from the shops recently so that I could make some marmalade to give to friends and family. The effect of carrying an extra 30 lbs for a mile and a bit did not escape me!

  • Hi Lizzie,

    Visualising weight that way is very powerful. Definitely 'Onwards and downwards' - and hope you get your hula hoop soon. Good luck with using it, I've not managed to use the one I've got - it's a 'weighted one' and it just rattles around and falls to the ground, I just can't get that 'hula motion' going...! Hope you have better luck. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That's a brilliant idea skinnylizzie 27 lbs gone. It's amazing just how heavy 27 lbs actually is. Your doing great hun :-)

  • thanks it did make me think

  • Heard the amazing pacabel canon in D on classic fm on way back from my Mums it made me cry in the car as my Dad, who died this time last year, gave me away at my wedding 46 years ago and I just started thinking of all those good times, I thought of you and your lovely time to come and how lovely it will be for you to be fit and young, so enjoy and look forward to a wonderful future x

  • Thank you x

    it is beautiful I know :-)

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