My pledge. Just for today. Friday. Whats yours?

When I posted yesterday it was great to see so many people decide to promise something to themselves on what they would do that day.

I pledged not to stop at the shop for junk food on the way home. Just for today.

And I will admit I considered it but the pledge I made helped a lot to get me through. When I looked around at others who were making their own small pledge I figured if they could do it then I could do it.

And I did. Junk free for a whole day for the first time in a LONG time. A looooooonnng time :)

How did you do on your own pledge? If not so well then that is yesterday and today is a new day.

Today you will be a little stronger than yesterday.

And if you honoured your pledge then well done - lets see how many consecutive days we can go with keeping our promise to ourselves each day.

My pledge is to go right now, lace up my running shoes and go for a 30 minute walk. Just for today.

What's yours?

Just for today?

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15 Replies

  • ☹ failed yesterdays pledge - went out and ran week 7 of couch-5km instead.

    I don't feel too bad as I needed the run and didn't have time to get my head round my work.

    Today is my rest day, so I will pledge to try my hardest to manage my 10000 steps and NOT have a small treat at work 😉

  • Hopefully the run helped to clear your head :)

  • It has, Dave 😊

    I have sat this weekend and worked on my papers as well.

    Sadly I never have time for everything - so now I haven't walked but never mind.

    Can't wait to finish this course, definitely won't be doing level 4 !!!

  • Congrats on skipping the junk food yesterday Dave, hope you feel better for it. I skipped the wine too :) Hope you enjoyed putting on those smart shoes and striding along on your 30min walk. I will make a similar pledge today - no wine. Just for today :)

  • Well done on ditching the wine and yes - the shoes were on and out the door within minutes of posting :)

  • To try again to limit my eating window. No later than 7.00pm

  • Just shows us what a bit of mindful thinking helps us achieve 😃

    I stopped being a wimp and got out in the snow and walked !! so got my kms in.

    Today I pledge to stick to my daily cals, I'm off out tonight and it's so easy to just have one more drink and a bit extra to eat !

    Hope you enjoyed your walk😃


  • It DOES make a difference doesn't it? :)

  • no booze enough said.

  • Hi Dave,

    Well done for achieving your daily pledge goal yesterday, and good luck for today!

    My pledge for yesterday was to not snack after 8pm. I had forgotten that I was going out for a meal last night though, and although I ate really early, it meant I didn't get home till later, and I admit I had my piece of dark chocolate at about 9pm, so I did snack afterall an hour after the intended cut-off point - but I didn't snack later (and sometimes I do have a cheese sandwich at such times, so that was good that I didn't have one of those!).

    Today's pledge I've decided to try to do 50 squats, 50 press-ups and 50 sit-ups. It's 2pm now, as I'm writing this and so far I've done 25 squats, so still got a few to go! I'll report back tomorrow regarding whether I achieve today's pledge.

    Many thanks for this challenge, as it is really motivating!

    Good luck to everyone with your pledges.

    Lowcal :-)

  • How did your Friday pledge go Dave? Any walking? I again didn't drink wine as per my pledge, and what's more didn't drink any alcohol at all yesterday. Looking forward to your next pledge post/any sort of post! :) Hope you're getting on okay :)

  • Awesome!

  • Hi Dave,

    I was also wondering how you got on with your pledge yesterday.

    An update re: mine, I did actually manage it - although it felt tough, and I felt like I was over ambitious in setting so many squats etc - I've not done any for a while, and should have set myself less to build up gradually - but I 'made' myself do them, and I felt good for it afterwards!

    So thanks for motivating me this past couple of days.

    Like Ruth, I'm also looking forward to your next post - any kind of post, it's always great to read your posts, Dave. :-)

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Wow I am SO impressed! Good on you :)

  • I didn't have any alcohol friday, but I'm going to post what happened saturday¬

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