Getting really miffed now😤

Getting so fed up trying to get on this site at times. Repeated oops/error/reload page rubbish, once on when trying to reply to messages - after typing the reply the message then won't finish posting and just dusappears. Wondering if this post is going to post or disappear never to be seen again. Here goes, submit button about to be pressed!!!!!

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  • Blimey it's actually posted. Try again with answering others posts now. 😯

  • <Waves> Hi Shellie - I can see you :-)

    I wonder what is causing you all the problems ? I have the odd 'moment' but nothing like the errors you seem to be getting ? Hopefully it will resolve itself for you :-)

  • Have you looked at Lowcal's recent post Shellie? She's collecting feedback about site problems, specifically to do with the Monday weigh in, but also more generally. Also some people are getting in touch with IT directly, have you tried that? I'm not sure exactly how you'd do that, maybe there's a "Help!!!" Section somewhere. I agree with Lucca, I've had problems like yours on occasion, but not as bad and as often... Hope it can be fixed :)

  • Hi ShellieL,

    Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. You're not alone, take a look at this thread (that Ruth has just mentioned) concerning difficulties that others have experienced in relation to the Monday group weigh-ins. I'll be passing on these comments by posting a copy of the thread to the Healthunlocked Admin staff, so they can pass it on to the IT department. I know they are already aware of our concerns about the sustainability of the larger threads - and that they are looking to hopefully fix it, but in the meantime the thread is a way of collating some info to feedback to them:

    Like Ruth said, maybe contact the IT department directly yourself to let them know your difficulties as well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi shelliel. Waves

  • Hi Shellie,

    I've had all the problems you've described and more, in the time that I've been a member. My advice is to get right onto the IT people straight away.

    At the top middle of your screen, it says help. Click on that and follow instructions. Write them an email with as much information as you can and send it to them.

    They normally come back with an acknowledgement fairly quickly, but may get back to you later asking for further info, or instructions on how to take a "picture" of your error messages, or what your screen looks like when things are going doolally.

    Don't give up, we need you :)

  • Hi everyone, daily battle has commenced to get on and stay on the forum. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have tried a number of times to get through to admin, only to be foiled at the 'submit' stage when the page just pales in colour and comes up with 'oops, there appears to be a problem, trying to reload' the same as I get with just trying to get on here daily/reply to posts etc... It is really bad on popular threads like the RTWI80D one - overload perhaps? Not one to give in though, a bit 'dog with a bone' when peeved lol. Have a good weekend everyone, it's my weekend on shift (poop), hey ho, you have to earn a crust to eat one. 😊


    Try emailing this address Shellie and see if you can get through directly.

    If you can't, get back to me and I'll report your problems for you.

  • cheers moreless. Just don't understand what the heck is wrong, sometimes I get on then it 'oops' me, sometimes I can't get on at all whatever I try, then randomly I am on and going great guns. I have always, from day 1, had a pink band go across the top of my screen before I have even entered my user name that states 'user and password don't match', I have learnt to wait a few seconds before I start to input my user name for the message to come up. Very frustrating. 😊

  • I get that pink band too. I don't know if you remember my Persona non grata thread, but that highlights all the probs I used to have. It's not quite as bad for me now, but I do experience all sorts of glitches at various times.

    I put up with it for ages before reporting it and I wish I'd done it sooner, because it did help.

    This is the link to my thread

    See how you get on, but come back to me if you need more help :)

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