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I had a nutribullet for christmas, and I am now an avid fan of it. Spinache, Blueberries, Goji, Milled Linsead, Unsweetened Soya milk, water, ginger and apple, with a handful of raw cashew or almonds are a treat in the morning. This really perks me up, after 20 - 30 mins on the running track and vibration plate. I make a full amount, and split it with my partner.

It's a good way of getting your five a day, and using up fruit that in the old days would never have been used. I am far from a gym fan, but 2016 is the year to make positive changes. And I feel enthusiastic and revved up ready for whatever the day brings.

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Hi and welcome to the site- you'll find everyone very helpful and supportive here- I'm only a newbie myself but i have a question for you... you say that you run and then have your smoothie, but i was wondering how long does this satisfy you for? ie can you make it to lunch or do you need to eat in-between?


I'm tempted to buy one. Maybe I will but will I use it. I have a juicer that I don't use much but really because of all the fibre left over to clean. It seems a waste. I think I should be eating it. A nutribullet chops it all up more like a blender. Is that right ?


Hi Florence I am new here. But I have the ninja IQ and they do chop everything up no fiber left over etc. They are wonderful can mix your greens with fruit and I use almond meal and chia seeds etc.I use frozen fruit so once it's done it's a frozen smoothie and I don't have to worry about the fruit going bad. I have been bad, used it for awhile then I haven't for awhile. But I can't stand long enough to cook so my husband does and he usually has it planned before I am able to tell him not to fix me anything so I can have the drink. I have problems with my memory as well so I just need to try to remember to sit down with him and let him know some nights I just want a smoothie.lol They are wonderful to have though work much better than blenders you get all of your nutrients.

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