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Lack of sleep and dieting


For the first time of the many that I did diet or kept better look at my food intake, I am not able to sleep at night.

I haven't been eating much less than before starting a diet, and it is quite balanced. I am trying to eat more proteins, as I barely reach 15% of my intake, but at least I am improving on that.

Still, at 2AM I am not able to fall asleep. Everything started exactly from when I started "dieting" this time.

Did ever happen to you? Any suggestion?

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Morning Diadhuit,,

Poor you lack of sleep is wretched. How long has it being going on?

I have had two extended patches of insomnia in the last year : the first time was due to stress from a bad relationship, the second time very recently due to menopausal flushes. Every couple of weeks in October and November I would just conk out for about fifteen hours to catch up and then over Christmas when I had time off things got a lot better.

I presume you are already trying the obvious things including what my adviser called "sleep hygiene" , no screens -tablets or phone in the bedroom, proper curtains shutting out the light and enough covers.?

Annoyingly it is also apparently best not to do cardio exercise in the late evening as that revs you up. However meditation and gentle yoga in the evening are supposed to help. 😲

I have also now given up alcohol and tea and I am tinkering with the timing of and content of evening meals -(more soup, less spices) and more lunch and protein snacks during the day and this has definitely helped. 🍜

If you looking to up your protein don't forget tofu.... Miracle food of gods and goddesses!

Hope this gets better soon.

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Thanx! No alcohol, no tea, coffee or cardio exercise here. I do have a bad sleep hygene, but I used to have it. I will try to improve. My room is very bright... but I am renting and can't do anything for that front :(


Some people say that they find they are more sensitive to caffeine as they get older, especially if they're eating less than they used to. A lot of folk I know now only drink decaf, or don't drink tea or coffee after midday. They say they sleep better for it.


It is years that I don't drink neither coffee or tea. Yet my proplem is not only sleeping late at night, but also wa%e up early and tired. I wake 1h before my alarm, 2h during weekends :(:(:(


The Body Clock Diet claims protein promotes consciousness because it produces side products, whereas carbs promote sleep; that is the time that glycogen is replenished. Fat is relatively inert.

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