Week 5 and still going strong!

So i am now 17 stone 3 pounds which is 2 pounds lost this week and 12 pounds lost in total. I am so pleased with the result and I think this is the easiest diet I have tried - and believe me I've tried a fair few. It's all about making sure you count everything (and I mean everything). If you don't you are only tricking yourself and the scales will tell you otherwise.

Roll on next week and hopefully I can get into the 16 stones.


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24 Replies

  • Well done you, you sound like you have got the hang of it but make sure you think of this as a healthy eating plan rather than a diet as its hopefully going to be something you stick to forever.

    Hope you have a great week ahead. x

  • I mainly do think of this as a healthy eating. It was success yesterday we want out for a meal and I left half my dinner because I recognised I was full. I'm trying to get my family eating like this as well which we are almost there.

  • Yes!! Well done!! I can see that 16st target approaching, I am also a couple of pounds away from where I want to be by the end of January, so hopefully I'll make or even exceed that target. Isn't it great this sense of achievement?


  • It's a great sense of achievement almost being to my 2nd target. I have broken it up into 7 pounds as I have a lot to lose but will take it step by step.

    Keep going and see if you can exceed it.

  • Well done you, hopefully I shall be in a similar situation in 5 weeks. My starting weight was similar to yours, so hopefully we shall be able to compare notes!

  • Thank you!

    When did you start your plan? We will definitely be comparing notes and hopefull spurring each other on.

  • I started on the 4/1/16, and started at 18st 1, and lost 4 pounds in my first week, one very happy bunny! Its great to have support from someone who has a similar amount to lose - good luck

  • Well done on a good 1st week! That was really good. Roll on the next week!

  • Thank you, second week going well so far! Fingers crossed and lips sealed lol

  • Hi Kat,

    Wow, that's really great - Congratulations on achieving such great results. Glad you are finding the plan to be easy to use.

    Hopefully you'll be in those 16's really soon!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! Fingers crossed within 2 weeks

  • Hi again Kat,

    Here's a really good thread compiled by Moreless, which welcomes new people like yourself - not sure if you've seen it, but it's worth a look:


    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal thank you for the link looks really good.

  • Hi Kat, I think that we are on a similar journey, Im at the start of Week 2 now, and managed to lose 3 and a quarter pounds on me first week, which wasnt easy due to pain issues for the majority of the week. My weight is now 17st3.5, so im hoping to be nearer the 16st + mark, will be great to change that first number.

    Im now hoping to manage to increase my activity this week which i know i badly need to do, but i also know its gonna be difficult as well.

    Anyway, good luck this week.


  • We certainly are on a similar journey. I'm not active enough at all as I spend all my time in the car and at a desk. We will manage it. I'm taking it 7 pounds at a time. Are you doing it for anything in particular or just because you want to be healthier?

    Good luck this week and let me know how you get on.

  • Hooray. Well done. You beat the January keping going blues.

  • Definitely going to beat January and February. I have a few things motivating me and therefore they will keep me going.

    Thank you for the support

  • Woohoo Kat, WTG you!! :)

    Roll on those 16's :)

  • Definitely feel like 16s here I come! Thanks for the support

  • Ra-ra-ra, Kat!!! I am cheering you from the sidelines! Way to go!

  • Thank you for the support

  • Kat that is fantastic - what an inspiration you are.

    And its so true, I remember hearing about a study where at the end of a day people had to tally up their calories without recording anything and they would usually under quote by around 20% so you are absolutely right.

    Looking forward to seeing a 16 in front of your next weigh in! :)

  • Thank you! I have a long way to go but this time I'm changing my mind set rather than going on a crash diet.

    I would never have said I ate over my limit however once you start looking at the packaging you then realise how much is in everything and then you got it up.

    We'll soon see if it's 16s this week but fingers crossed!

  • Your doing great :-) and well done on losing 2 lbs in week 5 and on losing 12 lbs to date. The scales will see 16 something in no time :-)

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