Our body, what a wonderful gift!!

Hello there! Guess what, I have started the year with a knee injury, a twist gone badly during my martial art class...now on clutches for the rest of week and not sure when I can restart my exercise routine ( walking+ jogging+ Kravmaga+ Jijitsu+ pole dancing+ fitness classes). This is the trouble with doing many things, get an injury in one class and you have to give up on all (while paying for memberships)!

So not only I miss my activities, not only the pain is there all day, I also miss the general use of my legs, just that simplicity with which I move everyday, a trip to the bathroom is a 15 min operation, going up and down the stairs is a real effort, and I don't even try to answer the phone if I'm not close to it...this just reminds me how we take our body for granted for the wonderful job it does everyday, and how miserable we would be if this body wasn't functioning well. All the more for trying to lose weight and get to a healthy status.

Can't wait to get there, what an exciting journey!



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13 Replies

  • Oh no Stephanie, poor you! :(

    You're right, we do take our bodies and our health for granted and your temporary incapacitation is a salutary reminder to all of us, to take care of and appreciate, that which matters most.

    I hope your knee mends quickly and that you're back to fighting fitness soon :)

  • Morning sorry to hear about ur knee hope u get it sorted very painful

  • Morning stefaniax -terrible news about the knee. Sounds serious. You have a really positive attitude and that will help the recovery. Will your gym give you a payment holiday or some extra free weeks? If not name and shame them because they should.

    I went through something similar last year and spent months on crutches thenwalking with a stick. Biggest mistake I made was not to rest up completely straight after the accident. ...

  • I second the resting up straight away. You'll be back to yourself more quickly if you completely rest now. Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  • Will do, thank you :)

  • Hi Stefaniax,

    Sorry to hear about your injury, and hope you recuperate well. I do hope that your gym and the other organisations will offer you some recompensation - I think Gonti has a very good point that they should hopefully offer you some free weeks in the circumstances.

    Hope your week goes ok.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Stefaniax,

    Take things really easy and ` don`t run before you can walk` hun otherwise it wont heal and it will take longer to get better and that will get frustrating .Make sure you get lots of rest on that knee and find out whether heat or cold is best for that injury.

    I broke my knee and tore cartilage two years ago and because it took so long to get an op I walked on it lots causing so many issues and I am still having ultrasound now , so just be patient so you can get better and get back into enjoying all those fab classes.

    It is annoying when you are normally so active and cant enjoy those things but rest now so you will be back quicker , move everything you need near you hee!! (apart from the loo of course!)

    Get well soon x

  • Thank you so much midnight munchie! I will try and be patient, although patience is not one of my strengths... Time to dust off those books I said I was going to read...


  • So true isn't it.

    I had a knee problem for awhile last year and you suddenly realise how much you use them and rely them ALL the time!

    Rest up, hope you recuperate quickly.

  • Thank you :)

  • A really great post! It gives good insight into how awkward life is for some folk on a daily basis, struggling to do the simplest of everyday tasks. Gives one a lot to be thankful for doesn't it?!

    Crutches are a pain in the neck...so is having pain all day every day - been there, done that, completely sympathize with you!

    Hope you get well very soon and I echo the comments about resting so that you can heal. You'll only hinder your progress if you don't "do as you're told" (though I hated being told what to do lol). All the best for a speedy recovery xx

  • Thank you Weight Warrior... I have rested... And still resting...my trainers are looking at me with a smirky smile as to say ' you'll be back soon'...and they're right!! ;)

  • good luck, and i hope you are back on your feet again soon x

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