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I wish to THANKYOU for the support you three ladies have given me. Day 1 I managed to eat only 1240 kcal rather than the minimum rate of 1485.

Day2 today had nothing but long interruptions in my day. Not on track by 3pm I had only eaten 350 cal. No dinner tonight I'm hungry and just eaten large bowl of cereal, quite annoyed at myself.

Tomorrow hubby wants us to go out for dinner and friends booked a meal out for us Friday night. How's this going to work.

By the way not done exercise at all yet. Am I over worrying.

I will try the fitness pal app.

Because cant sign in would like to be sent the weekly food menu to make it easier planning my meals. At present doing it blind. I'm just really annoyed at myself because I'm ready to do this diet.


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You can have some soup before you go do you are not starving. Then carefully pick the healthiest options. Avoid more than 1 glass of wine and no pudding.

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Have you seen this Missie?


Maybe it'll get you on track.

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Yes THANKYOU back on track today. Yay.

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Hi Missie1, for the meal out usually the menu is posted on line and most restaurants have the calories listed beside the dish being served so you could log onto the restaurants web page and check it out and decide in advance what you are going to chose and when you get there ponder the menu, but at the same time knowing what your going to order. This is a great way to stay within your calories and stay in control :-)

With regards to the exercise you don't need to worry, but when you can get out there and start walking even if it's to the local shop or on your lunch at work and install an app on your mobile such as google fit, this will record steps, calories, distance and sets goals for you to achieve. Take a look it's a really valuable tool to keep track of your exercise and calories.

Try not to get annoyed at yourself, planning is certainly key to a successful journey. You should try and plan every day in advance the day before or create a weekly menu and stick to it. Making small changes now will lead to you seeing big changes in your future. Just believe in yourself, be patient with yourself and plan, plan, plan everything. It's never easy when your just starting out, but I can tell you really want this. Take some time to sit down and reflect on what you want to achieve out of this and set small goals. Take it one day at a time with one foot in front of the other and you will succeed.

Hope you enjoy your meal out and enjoy the rest of your week :-)

Best wishes

Trafford1 :-)


THANKYOU so much for that advice extremely helpful. The sun came out today so feel happier and back on track today. We decided to go for lunch today rather than evening meal. I was pleased with myself I had a small semi skim small latte and toasted tea cake and butter all added to my calorie intake. 9pm still got 350 calls to eat.

Sorry for being Mrs Grumpy yesterday. More positive today. Day 3 no sweets or biscuits woohoo.. Thanks Trafford1


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Glad to hear you are feeling positive and pleased to hear your back on track :-) When ever you want to post how your feeling feel free. This forum is so helpful for that :-)


That is fantastic day 3 and no sweets and biscuits. Pat yourself on your back! It is a beautiful feeling when you have such self control. Just been their now. I was surrounded with tons of yummy cakes and bridge rolls and I am proud to say I did not touch a thing. I admit it is easier for me as I am desperate to cure myself from a Thrush. Just cleared up but then I cleverly ate wafers and now I am so angry. I guess I learnt I may never ever cheat if I want to get rid of this Thrush. Sorry I am just letting it out on you! Hopefully tomorrow should clear up.


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