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new to this - night worker

hi all, i like many others need to loose the weight and have been referred to a dietitian. I have been advised to check out the 12 week plan whilst waiting as there is approximately a 12 month waiting list.

I also have anaemia and have been told today that i am pre-diabetic - have to go for a oral glucose intolerance test next week to confirm. One of my biggest obstacles is that i am a lone worker on nights. I do not have a set lunch break etc due to the nature of the job(in a home so they are done around the needs of the service) and so usually eat things that are easy to grab but not always the healthiest. I also find the transition from nights to days to nights can be a nightmare due to catching up on sleep. I was wondering if anyone out there is in a similar situation and if so how have they managed or if anyone can offer some advice. Unfortunately I am quite a picky eater. Many thanks

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Hi Jen, by the time you get to see the dietician, you'll be as slim as a pin! :)

Successful weight loss, especially when you work nights, is all down to planning, planning, planning :)

Have a look at this, it's packed with useful info to get you started :)


All the best :)

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hi many thanks , research and planning is going to the top of my list

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Hi Jen, that's a lot to handle in one go.

I thought of three things, you may already have these ideas already.

I work days only but most of my meals are out the house. As moreless says planning is massively helpful. My own magic trio is planning, lists and Tupperware! Make a list of all the grab and go foods that you can face eat and that are also healthy, post the list on the kitchen where you can see it and work your way down the list. Don't worry if it is a small list to begin with, it will grow as you get ideas. Take more food than you need to work so you are never tempted by the machines.

Plan to eat enough and until you see a dietician to get plenty of complex carbs, protein an enough fat. That along with the anaemia treatment might help a bit with sleep.

Finally I don't know where you work but you are legally entitled to proper meal breaks and it would be much better for your health -and your team mates - these cropped up at the same time each night. Surely that's possible?

All the best

Ps I hope that some one who regularly does night shifts sees your posts and answers. If not perhaps repost your question with the word "shift" or "night work" in the title


hi many thanks for your reply. I am a lone worker in a home and so my breaks are taken around the needs of the service but what usually happens is the moment you sit down to eat then you are being called for and either the meal has gone cold or you do not want it anymore. There is no vending machine and what we eat we have to take in with us - which i know i have not taken in the best for me. I have been trying to eat a meal before i go to work then have a 'lunch type meal' at work, with my breakfast when i get home in the morning, but this is not always easy as with the iron medication i cannot have certain foods and hour before or two hours after having the medication which is currently three times a day.

i will try the planning, lists and tupperware idea.

many thanks again, i have a lot of reading and research to do


hi i have added night work like you suggested - makes sense now :)

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Hi jen,

ShellieL works nights, maybe if you look through some of her threads, you'll get some ideas. Here's a link to her profile page


Hope this helps :)

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