First Week Success

First week is now over - I attended the NHS level 3 obesity class which was ok - anyone else out there attended these? I also recorded all of my food through my fit bit, and also calories burned, with a great result - 4 pound loss. This week trying to work on my exercise, always going to be difficult as a wheelchair user. I went swimming last week, had to wait ages for a disabled changing room, only to find them all full of non-disabled people. Not very helpful to me, but at least I managed to get in the pool. Onwards and upwards


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12 Replies

  • Well done fir doing all of that and keeping your temper. Those are big steps to take. 4lbs is a big loss

  • A great loss - well done :)

  • Woo-hoo! Well done! What is the Level 3 Obesity Class? I have never heard of it before and am interested to know what it covers.

  • The level 3 obesity class is only open to people who have tried level 2. I was referred straight to level 3 due to my BMI and the fact that I had previously been going to slimming world. I am not sure if they operate all over the country, but in Torbay, once you have been referred, you then go to a general meeting with others that have been referred, and they give a presentation about what will happen on the course, and then if you want to go ahead you sign up, and then you are put into a group with others. Once the course starts no one else can join the group, and you meet fortnightly for 6 months for 2 hours. The first hour is a talk on various topics covering food, exercise, phsycology, fitness etc, and then the 2nd hour is basic fitness, which can be done sitting down, depending on peoples levels. everything is personal to you even your weight loss goals

    You can be referred by GP, diabetic nurse, dietician etc - hope this helps

  • That is such a good idea, I don't know if they do that in this area. I am sure it will help!

  • It's all going good Sue😃, well except the changing room !!! You should mention it at reception.

    Here's to another fab week,

    Onwards and downwards😃


  • how did u get referred?

  • Hi I got referred by the dieticians. I was refereed to the dietician following gall bladder surgery, and then she referred me onto the level 3 obesity service, as I already met and had achieved the level 2 criteria. I am not sure whether this is in place all over the country or just Torbay, but its a good start

  • Awesome

  • Congratulations on your loss of 4 lbs this week that is a great result :-)

  • Congratulations! That's a great result. :-)

  • Woohoo Sue, that's a fab result! :)

    Onwards and downwards ;)

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