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Question regarding calorie limit

Hi all, I have literally just started calorie counting so this is all new to me. I downloaded a calorie counting app to my iPad and decided to have a good day yesterday and found I skipped lunch. At the end of day the app was telling me I'd consumed 850 kCal, but according to the BMI calculator I should be aiming for 1,700. Yesterday was probably an extreme example, but should I avoid consuming too little, I've read elsewhere that you should never go below 1,200? Should I aim to hit the 1,700 each day, or will I lose more than 2 lb a week if I eat less? Thanks in advance

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Personally I wouldn't attempt to go much below the lower limit of the BMI calculator (i.e. the 1700) and I would think if that's what it is suggesting, even 1200 is too low. So the theory goes, if you eat too little, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto weight for dear life. The only way to then lose weight is to eat less and less - and who wants to do that ! Additionally, lower calories might lose you weight quite quickly, but it won't be healthy or sustainable and it might go on again quickly.

Try sticking with the 1700 calories for a couple of weeks and see what happens. I think people have been surprised that sticking to a reasonable calorie limit like this does actually work - and it is much more appealing in the long term. You can always adjust it if you really feel like it's not working - but don't try to lose too much at once :-)


Thanks for the reply :-)


I am sure you have to eat more than 1400


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