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Hello everyone,

I have always struggled with my weight. I have never been slim. However, the last few years i have really packed on the pounds, and it is getting to the point where i just cannot find my strength to kick this.

I have always been a fizzy lover. In the beginning, it wouldn't be much maybe a few cans here and there, then it went up to maybe a liter a day.. Until for the past year and a half.. i was drinking between 2-5 liters a day of fizzy drinks. My weight gain went up and up, and im now 17stone 4. My new years resolution was to kick the fizzy out of my life, and i have done! i have gone 11 days with no fizzy, and im super proud.

I have been in a relationship with my Husband for 7 years. After 2 years of being together, we decided to start trying for a family. After just over a year of trying and with no luck, we seeked further advice. After some scans, blood work etc we were told that nothing seems to be wrong, and was told that maybe my weight was the factor on why we couldn't conceive. At the time my GP put us on the waiting list for an appt at the fertility clinic, thinking that i would have time to loose the 3 stone she recommended me to loose in weight. The appointment came through quicker than expected, so i did not have chance to loose the weight, and my GP advised not to go, as they would not consider me for any treatment, so i listened to her advise.

Ideally, i need to get my weight down to 12.5 -13 stone. The thing im finding the hardest is exercising.

Does anyone have any recommendations on an exercise plan that i can stick to? and healthy lunch, dinner and snack ideas? In addition to water, is there anything else that is good to drink whilst low in sugar??

I know what my motivation is, but its not always as easy as that. I feel very down at the moment, i just want to loose this weight and have a family with my husband. PLEASE if you have any advise or tips, i would be so appreciative of them.

I hope there is no judgement on this post and apologies for the long post.. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

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Hi Keria - no judgement from me. On doing more exercise - do you have a Fitbit or something similar.

I am running an exercise challenge on the forum and would love if you joined us. Its really fun and great to way to keep you motivated.

What do you think?


Hi Lizzy, thanks for your comment. I have the fitbit app on my phone so far. I would be very interested in your exercise challenge! Thanks again for your comment :)


That's great news - here is the link to the latest thread. Any questions, please let me know.



Try the NHS 12 week plan. Good luck!

Their is a Monday weigh in group posted by Lowcal.


Thank you for your comment, I have looked at the 12 week plan briefly and will go through it properly tomorrow, fingers crossed it gives me the budge I need! Thanks again for your comment!

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