Measuring Up

I love the daily weigh idea to keep on track. A simple game I also play is a piece of string. One round the waist or where ever you like. Why, well if you are being strong and also monitoring weight, I have found it really good to measure my waist with string, cut it where joins and seal it in a envelope, dated and signed. This is a four weekly motivator. Open the envelope after at least 4 weeks and then place it round the waist or wherever you measured. "Feel the greatness when it doesn't meet anymore as you have lost size as well as weight" This needs to be at least 4 Weekly . You cannot do this daily and I would even suggest a weekly check is too quick. GIVE IT A TRY👍😀


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10 Replies

  • I'll just trust my clothes and scales thanks

  • I think it's a great idea. Taking waist measurements in this way is a tangible method for seeing what you've lost.

  • i think thats great! A motivating way of seeing the results!

  • Hi Ian do like the thought of that , will do,it !!


  • Brilliant! There's no arguing with it. I am going to do this 😃

  • A simple visual aid that is morale boosting indeed. For some folk this would be a much better thing to do than weighing and tape measuring as there is no actual number, which can demotivate sometimes when the scales are 'a little stubborn'.

    I am going to do this today, but I am going to go one step further and do it for my hip, waist and bust as well as my thigh top and arm top. As I lose I am going to snip off the excess bits but keep them as an extra boost to how well I am doing.

    Thanks hun, super idea. 👍

  • Fantastic idea - thank you:)

  • Thank you I'm going to do that at the end of each month!

  • What a great idea re: the string.

    And I used to be a daily weigher but I figured after a long time of doing it that it really wasn't doing me any good or I would be a lot lighter :)

  • Thanks for all comments guys.. My string now has 3 pen marks on it as I have changed and my waist line has reduced... Good luck all. It worked for me and still is.... 4 months, 4 sealed envelopes used and the original string, but now with 3 markers on it also that shows reduction. looking forward to opening it again at the end of January to see the change! love the idea Shelliel about snipping them off to keep as incentive. Hadn't thought of that one...😀👍

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