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12 week weigh-in

Just off scales and I've lost one pound this week. I can not believe it's three months since I started and nervously posted on this site my starting weight of 11st at only 5'2" this was worse than it sounded with most of the excess weight being around my middle. Today I weighed 9 St 2lbs having lost three inches off my hips and a massive six and half inches off my waist. A little bit further to go but I'm a happy bunny this morning. Thanks to everyone who has answered my posts either with congratulations or commiserations as the weeks have gone by your support has been amazing and very welcome especially at the beginning when I was suffering withdrawal symptoms big time from crisps! Many many thanks.

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Huge congrats on your 12 week journey, your stats are amazing.

You can feel the pride and confidence oozing from your post and so it should😃

Go hopping bunny hunny 🐇🐇



That is brilliant. I am on day 1 and so glad to hear of your success. Did you stick to quite a rigid set of meals or took each day at a time?


Hi Brighty21 I just took one day at a time trying to stay in my calorie allowance I didn't eat out for first month and then ate at Wetherspoon's as they calorie count everything making life easier but now I can go in a restaurant and make sensible choices and not order dessert! I missed biscuits with a cuppa but can honestly say that although rice cakes tasted like cardboard at the beginning I actually quite enjoy them now! Best of luck to you - set yourself a small goal say half a stone and then you feel proud and good when you reach it making the next step easier.😊


Thanks for the advice. Will do..


Fantastic - well done irmagee :-)


Thats so fantastic you should be very proud of yourself.

Congrats on your commitment! :D


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