Hello fellow triers :)

Hello all

I am trying to make a happier, healthier me for 2016! Please join me and come along for the ride.

It has been a hard slog all these years, but this year is the one to set things straight, to slim down, stamina up and expand the knowledge.

Lets have some fun on the way, because we all know this is not going to be easy. Let us cry together and motivate each other as we stumble, trip, fly and soar along our journeys.

Take care, speak soon xxx


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11 Replies

  • Hi FiestyFairy,

    Take a look at this, it's a welcome pack for newbies :)


    2016 will be a good year for us all and I look forward to seeing you at the Monday weigh-in and on our trip Around the World :)

  • If you want to have some fun, you need to join the exercise challenge on the forum - Around the World in 80 days.

  • what is the exercise challenge?

  • Its called Around the World in 80 Days Challenge. I had put up the thread this evening. Can you see it?

  • Hi FiestyFairy,

    Welcome and hope you enjoy everything that this forum has to offer. Great that you're 'flying' with us! It will be great to have a 'FiestyFairy' on board!

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi how are we going to do this i am planning on starting tomorrow with a ten minute walk that is my plan but will i do it on my own i don't know but i will let you know

  • hi all just joined the group my plans are to succeed this year , every year for the past five years i have tried and nothing

  • You can do it. Get out for that walk. By the end of the year you will be running x

  • Hi there, love your post. I too have been trying for many years and gain and lose 6 or 7 stone then put it all back on again. Last time lost 6 stone and put back on three, I really don't want to put the weight back on and want to lose the last three..don't understand how it can be so easy one minute, then so hard the next. Hopefully we can help each other. Doing slimming world at the moment,....it's good, but when the muniches come, it's a hard battle to fight.


  • Hi Heidi

    I am so with you on those feelings! I am doing weight watchers - sort of! So hoping to jumble a mix of that and the NHS 12 week weight loss plan to really get cracking this new year.

    It is just so easy to eat nice food! Why is it sooooo yummy?!

    Anyhow, we will do it and together we will do it well. I know what I should do, but Doing it is a different thing altogether!

    Keep you chin up xxx

  • Hello Fiestyfairy I love your positive attitude and I'm definitely along for the ride!

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