Feeling really down :(

I have had a full week of healthy living - all refined products avoided; gave up a gift of my favourite - chocolate with mint; have had only water to drink. Time to weigh in and I have lost 1/4 of a pound. In all my weightloss journeys over my life, this has been the most unsuccessful first week ever. I feel terrible and feel like pigging out on the chocolate I gave up...dark times....


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24 Replies

  • Keep going, you have done so well and it could show in next weeks weigh in!

  • Thanks, Mrshobbit

  • Don't throw the towel in. A small weight loss is better than no weight loss?

    Start tomorrow as a new day, think about what was correct and what can be improved on?

    Have you downloaded the 12 week nhs plan? joined a group online? i am doing round the world jn 90 days, and akso monday weigh in.

    loads of support on here, use it.

    you can do it 😁 😊

    My weigh in is in the morning ... Arghhhh

    Stick with it - this next week will be better 😊

  • Thanks, Gill. I have joined in the Monday weigh in but my usual weigh in is Sunday at 6. I guess what I have to add in is the exercise but it is so difficult with my schedule...at least I am keeping up with food part. I hope all goes well tomorrow at the weigh in.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Have a good week at school.

  • Keep going ive lost none in two weeks but i feel better i am ...drank water had headaches so im cut water down to much aint good ..havent eat a mortal crumb of chocolate or biscuit etc i could have cried but im not giving up..come to far now im still fat....im carrying on...im scared to weigh me.as ive tried so hardxxx

  • You are right, big, it is a fight and we just have to keep going. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. xx

  • Don't panic !! First of all - have you been calorie counting and logging what you eat ? Although healthy eating is great, you can still overeat and therefore not lose weight. Although calorie counting isn't the only thing to do, it can help to make sure that you aren't eating too much to begin with :-)

  • Do t pig out. I feel crap but I am not give my 17 kg to any annoying person. Who is not grateful and needs to a lesson.

  • I am wearing a Fitbit and getting extra steps by doing little things. Park the car far away from super market door, walk up and down escalators in stores, don't take lifts. Lots of small things make big differences 😊

  • Don't pig out bbwnoire71 a loss is a loss and on here we celebrate all loses so congratulations on losing 1/4 pound :-)

    Don't let this get you down, pick yourself right back up and put all of your energy into week 2. Best wishes x

  • Don't know why, but that post made me giggle a bit! Thanks for that, lol!

  • Yes don't give up the weight loss will probably show next week.

  • Hi Bbwnoire71,

    Well done for completing a week where you ate healthily and avoided processed foods - I know you were hoping for a larger loss on the scales, but a quarter of a pound is still a good loss - imagine a quarter of a pack of butter or lard on a plate, and you can see it's great to have lost that from your body. The scales don't always show the hard work put in, and sometimes the body measurements can be helpful - but also, it may be that you'll see more losses next week - but only if you stick with things, and don't fall off the wagon and overeat etc.

    So stay strong, and focused and keep on track, and hopefully you'll be celebrating another loss on the scales next week, and importantly feeling healthier and fitter - I wish you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, Lowcal

  • You know what would really help - joining the Around the World in 80 days challenge. Interested?

  • Hi bbwnoire,

    Sorry you're feeling so disappointed. Have a look at this and see if you can find some helpful tips, other than the fab ones that you've been given here :)


  • we all stuggle at times keep going

  • Have some 85% chocolate at hand I have two squares of that a night then don't dance any moor that's my worst thing snacking in the evening plane for this water biscuits with cheese speed chick peas cooked in curry powder olives all on a plate about 150 cols. Good luck Gareth

  • Thanks, Gareth. Have you tried baking chick peas with cumin, salt and ground coriander? Makes for a nice crunchy snack.

  • Keep at it but I also suggest taking body measurements. Sometimes fat loss does not always show on the scales especially if exercising as well

  • How are you doing this week. I hope you have not thrown the towel in. This week could be a goodie:)

    I have an aim to loose 6lb by the end of January, that 2lb a week. do you have any small goals?

    Did you post your loss on the Monday weigh in? It is a good way to keep a record and will help the motivation.

    Keep smiling:)

  • Hiya Gill,

    I am still fighting the fight. I think might have sourced the reason for the minimal loss. I stared the journey on the 2nd Jan (with my first weigh-in) after having indulged for two weeks prior. So, I must have still been putting on weight when I weighed in back then. The other thing is that my menzies came on Monday and there's usually weight gain then. I am hoping these two factors are the reasons for the poor showing.

    I must say, though, it really did cross my mind to go drown my sorrows in a special Thornton's or something, lol. The one thing that I really need to be able to integrate into my life is more movement. The difficulty is, for example, I came home at 7 cooked and by 8:30 have just finished eating so can't go exercise now. I prefer later exercise as there are few people at the gym. I need to work it out. How are you finding the exercise?

    I think your goal for six pounds is really realistic. How did you do last week at the weigh-in? I think it is such a good way to be accountable (and probably the reason why I didn't buy the chocolate, lol).

    I hope you have a good week.

    Take care xx

  • Dang, I think I just sent that to the entire group! lol

  • A loss is a loss regardless. Stick with it and concentrate on the week ahead, a day at a time. We are all routing for you 👍

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