So what happened with my seven days of juicing?

So it's ten days since the start of January. I finished my seven days of juicing on Thursday night and then Was immediately thrown in to the horror of trying to eat well whilst on the move for work. I thought it also Important to leave it a couple of days before I came back here praising my juicer and my remarkable weight loss....but rather to leave it a bit to see where I stood after a couple of days back in the real world.

So what did I find out ?

- that the buffet on my cross country train does porridge and it is possible to replace their delicious bacon baguette for a pot of porridge without the world ending.

- I don't like green tea

- black Earl grey works well when there are no fruit tea options.

-a vegetable juice is a good alternative for me when I am busy for either breakfast or lunch (or both)

- I prefer all vegetable juices with a slither of ginger root

- it is okay to have a salad for a business lunch and to ask for it without any dressing

- it's been really difficult to stop drinking coffee (I have just had my first one this year as a reward for doing the ironing)

- I like tomato juice! And a spicy tomato juice is my new best friend. I had wine on Friday evening after finally getting home - I was not sure I enjoyed it. Last night I opted for vegetable juice instead!

More importantly......

- almost immediately I started this juicing lark all symptoms of IBS disappeared.

- I feel so much better in myself

- my type two diabetic husband is having to eat well because I am - which can only be good. And for a man who doesn't 'do green' I can report that he was caught eating baby broad beans at lunchtime!

Net loss this year even after three more days eating well but not tied to the juicer = 6lbs

Would I do it again? Perhaps, in order to have a quick cleanse after the glottony of Christmas, but I do prefer a varied diet. I will probably keep the vegetable juice for one meal, probably breakfast. Homemade veg soup for lunch and then a balanced family meal for tea.

Next week is going to be a trial because I am away for three days but let's hope I can keep the benefits in the forefront of my mind and behave myself .....or I'll have to do another seven days of juicing !


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11 Replies

  • Hi Mel,

    Great to hear how you got on this week, I was wondering, and hoped you'd write a post to update us. I like the list of things you discovered during the week - I also love the addition of ginger to foods - it's such a warm and lovely flavour. Great that you enjoyed the porridge for breakfast one day, that's also one of my favourites.

    You've lost 6 pounds - that's a nice start to the New Year - and like you say, you're starting out feeling better in yourself. That's a great outcome. :-)

    I've read a little bit about juicing, but think I'll stick to eating wholefoods generally, i.e. including the fibre etc, as I love the health benefits of fibre, but I do like the idea of blending sometimes - and particularly enjoy having blended soups.

    Great to hear you enjoyed your week, and I hope you have another great week next week, and that you cope ok with your trip away.

    I haven't made that spelt bread yet, but will hope to do so sometime soon, and thanks so much for the recipe and advice.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Superb hunny. I know there are a lot of folk who go all aquiver with the mere mention of juice/smoothie, but if it worked /works for you then that is fabby. You do make a point of a balanced and varied diet, so it is obvious to anyone reading your post that you have 'a good head' when it comes to healthy eating. Go you Melc3, keep up the good work. 😊

  • Hi Mel,

    A really interesting post, I've never tried juicing , is that all you have ???? If it works for you then great, I suppose it's something that might fit in like a 5:2 plan ???

    Hope your 3 days away goes well maybe think 'eating clean' whilst away 😃


  • I'm interested to know more about juicing. Can you use an ordinary blender? What sorts of fruit and veg work well? Do you add water or some other liquid? I'd be grateful for any advice.

  • Hi Phil, if you have access to Netflix watch the documentary "Fat, Sick and nearly dead" it's a really interesting watch.

    Essentially, if you thought about the nutrients you would get from, say, five raw carrots, a beetroot, three tomatoes, and a handful of kale, you would know it would be good for you but the idea of that level of 'raw' eating somewhat unappetising.

    A juicer (about 40£ currently in Aldi - I got mine from tesco for about the same amount) removes all the fiver and leaves you with the vegetable juice.

    I had a lot of advice on here about including too much fruit in the recipes, which I heedes but orange and carrot is a nice combo.

    There are a lot of recipies on line so you are never short of ideas.

    The weight does fall off and very quickly (I finished 10lbs down on day seven) but I did find three juices a day undo able so tended to have two and then made myself a crunchy salad with a single hard boiled egg in the evening.

    Blending is different, because it keeps the fibre, but there's nothing wrong with that. Again there's plenty of inspiration on line, and if you have access to a blender I'd try that first to see how you get on.

    It used to be that I thought it a shame to throw the finer away from the juicing process but I noticed a recipe for muffins made from it in this months BBC Good Fiod magazine so I may be using it up for my daughters packed lunches!

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for your response. I'll have a look at using the blender and give it a go. :)

  • Glad to hear the juicing went well, and that you were brave enough to revisit the subject on here ;-)

    I did mean to post on your previous thread about juicing, following Lowcal's (I think it was Lowcal ?) suggestion about using the left behind pulp somehow. I've just got a copy of the Deliciously Ella book, and she has a recipe where you mix it with ground almonds, seeds, tahini and olive oil, press flat and bake for a while - lo and behold - veggie crackers !!

  • Hi Lucca as mentioned above there is also a muffin recipie in this months bbc good food mag - perhaps we should trade!😉

  • Hi Lucca,

    Yes, I did make that suggestion regarding the left over pulp and fibre. Shame to waste it, and really good to hear about the muffins Mel made - they sound good!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Melc this was a really interesting post and I am about to catch up with your other posts on juicing. Like bigleg wanted to say something about the horror of railway breakfasts for business travellers. I quite often set out in the morning with 25g of muesli -tbs full fat yogurt -a bit of skimmed milk and tsp of cinnamon thrown into a Tupperware box. By the time I am ready to eat it, this has all blended in a magical way and -your IBS permitting it is a five star breakfast.

  • Interesting to hear how the juicing went. Glad to hear it had such health benefits.

    Another way of using up the fibre, is to mix it with a couple of eggs, a little olive oil, and bake it, a bit like biscuits, in the oven.

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