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Struggling But Healthy Eating Again Starts NOW

Struggling But Healthy Eating Again Starts NOW

After managing to be so good at Christmas, I have really gone off the rail since new year and managed to put on half a stone (I blame my Scottish blood and hogmanay traditions lol). I think I have been comfort eating (lost my dad suddenly just before Christmas and its only really starting to hit me now) and perhaps a little bit hormonal. I have never had a sweet tooth but have been gorging on chocolate for the last week, craving it more with every bit I eat so today I am going cold turkey on it and back onto proper healthy eating. (Is chocolate addictive? Is that why?)

I've also dug out a photo from last March and put it on my screen saver and on my fridge to remind me of how far I have come - I don't want to go back to being that size again. Cant throw away 8 months of good work!

Anyone any tips on how to get over the chocolate cravings though? its something I have honestly never come across before

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Hello. Im new here but your success is very inspiring to me. Love the photos. Losing your dad is very hard, I hope you are able to look after yourself, and have supportive people around you.

I do think chocolate is addictive. if I don't eat it for a while, I forget about it. But once I've started I develop a daily need for it. I only know of the cold turkey approach im afraid!


Hi CeeKay,

I am sorry to hear that your Dad died just before Christmas. I hope you are doing ok.

I like your before and after photos, it certainly shows what great progress you've achieved, and Congratulations on your weight loss journey to date. I also put on about half a stone over the Christmas period, but it's coming off again - and hopefully yours will too - just get back on track and stay focused. Easier said than done I know, particularly when you're struggling with those chocolate cravings.

Personally I limit myself with just one piece of dark chocolate per day, and I usually have this after my evening meal with a cup of coffee, and try to savour and enjoy it. But I appreciate it can be difficult to do that if you might be tempted to eat the whole bar - due to chocolate cravings. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions to help you cope. I would say trying to distract yourself with some meaningful activity might help, and ensuring that you eat sufficiently (i.e. nutritious meals and snacks as necessary) so you don't end up feeling hungry, and then succumb to possible cravings - hopefully if you're feeling satisfied from the food you're eating, you'll not experience as many cravings.

Good luck.

Lowcal :-)


You look wonderful! How about some low calorie drinking chocolate to help satisfy the craving?

Sorry for your loss.


So sorry about your dad :-( Please don't worry too much about the half a stone...I did the same over Christmas, but as long as you get back to plan it will start to move downwards again. We're all behind you, come talk to us if you are feeling the "urge"! I came here the other night while trying to avoid comfort eating a tin of shortbread, and I managed to avoid a disaster thanks to everyone here!

I don't seem to have the same trouble with actually craving chocolate, my over-eating is generally triggered by stress. Obviously you have had awful stress recently with your bereavement. I wonder, it might help, not sure...can you try buying some fruity tic tacs and sucking a few slowly with a cup of tea every time you feel the choco urge? I use 4 tic tacs with a cuppa and it really helps as the mouth is occupied but the calories are tiny, about 1-2 cals per tic tac. Ok, not the healthiest, but anything which helps one cope might be useful.

Sending you hugs and best wishes, try to get back to plan asap if you can, most of us know the misery of putting weight back on, I'm sure, it just makes us feel worse than before the over-eating. Good luck, we're with you all the way. xx :-)


Thanks guys :) I really appreciate it, some great suggestions there. I never thought about the tic tacs, definitely going to give that a go along with another couple of ideas. It'll save me spending so much on toothpaste lol as I tend not to eat if I have a fresh minty mouth!

Really appreciate all your kind words too - thank you x


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