Colouring anyone ?

Just a quickie - has anyone joined the adult colouring craze and had books and pencils for Xmas?

I never really stopped colouring, was a guilty pleasure, now happy to come out of the closet clutching my book and pencil case.

Just that, I find it really does take your mind off food. Start colouring a really intricate picture, like the Joanna Basford books, and before you know it, that awkward time has passed, and its time to start preparing your delicious low fat meal.

If you havnt had a go - go back to childhood ( at 64 they say I'm entering my second childhood anyway, maybe that's why I've got so many books )



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  • I am a design student so all they do for me us make me think I coukd draw this. They are great if they are your thing

  • Yes, I think then that colouring books could be well out of your requirements ! Still they are fun and absorbing for us less talented people 😊

  • Great tip Libby. I am about to restart a sewing project and again, anything you can do with your hands stops you eating, and keeps your mind a wee bit busy as well! Of course these are both sitting down type activities...

  • For sure rainshine, unfortunately my sciatica/arthritis whatever means I can only do upper body exercises anyway. I've got a course on youtube which I follow which are for wheelchair people, still quite strenuous tho 😊

  • This sounds excellent. I've got a lot of coloured pens that I write all my to-do lists with - a great way to make mundane tasks more absorbing. I've also got a respectable pile of sewing tasks building up - also absorbing and keeps your hands busy :) Anything that distracts you from unwanted thoughts about food has to be a good thing. Happy colouring in :)

  • Yes sewing me too- I started making heart garlands before Xmas , I need to get back to it

  • I haven't tried the colouring books but am obsessed with doing Hanjie puzzles. They have the same effect on me, keeping me occupied and my mind off of food

  • Not much good at puzzles. I like crosswords ( if easy) and codeword, and that one where you fit words into spaces, kriss cross I think its called

  • Hello Libby, yes I have started this craze too, there are some fabby books available and I like to use brush pens. It is a great stress buster and is also calm inducing, (will see about that one) I don't think it matters what age if you enjoy it!

  • Brush pens! Now that's new to me. I've got coloured pencils from wh smith and a pack of coloured sharpies, also cheap felt tips. Have you 'liked' a facebook page yet? There are lots. Everyone raves about polychromos. But the price is crazy ; like over Β£50!!!

    That's dedication - not for me though


  • Hi,

    I am a crafter but weirdly stopped since trying to lose weight - I should take it up again as hours pass without you noticing :)

    I have discovered online jigsaw puzzles, another great way of focusing on something other than food :)

  • Oh yes I love those! Now that is new to me, I really dislike having a load of jigsaw pieces everywhere, online - or on my phone I love it. Also play some games on the phone, Mou being my little favourite 😊

  • yes I do mine while i having mindfullness periods i fine it quite relaxing I sometimes paint with watercolours

  • Me too ! We are an artistic lot 😁 I love sketching houses, just pencil sketches, I'm working on perspective and 'disappearing horizons' 😊

  • Love colouring and doodling myself to shade in. Proven as therapeutic time and time again. 😊

  • Yay !

  • Hi.I've just bought myself a colour therapy book.I'm 63 in a weeks time.I always loved colouring at school.Hoping it will keep my mind off food evening s .πŸ˜‡

  • Time passes fast when your colouring Rosie 😊

  • Yes! I got one for my birthday in November and love it. I love colouring with my grandchildren so this is great. Except when they insist on colouring mine!

  • Haha - be like me when I was a kid, save the pages you don't like for the grandchildren. I used to do that with friends who went over the lines 😊

  • Thank you so much for this post! I bought one of the adult colouring books and some pencils quite a while back and got a lot of pleasure from using it, then just stopped (can't think why).

    You're so right when you say it's a good distraction from food so thank you for reminding me, I'm going to re-start colouring again today.

  • Hi jenever - that's great! You'll find so much enjoyment from it, especially now that our secrets out, and we don't have to lurk around shops looking for interesting books, and colours "picked up for the children"...

    At the moment, the cut price book shop "The Works" has a huge range of colouring books. I managed to just buy one ( already had 5) but talk about a kid in a candy shop 😁😁

    Have fun !!

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