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I've finally found my focus! It has taken me a while to get into the zone whilst battling the menopause and subsequent weight gain. Having lost 7.5lbs in my first week I am now well and truly on track to regain my confidence in my appearance. I'm looking forward to my new wardrobe of clothes......that is.....getting back into all the lovely clothes that I have grown out of due to the weight gain!

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Well done to you !! What u done this week for that fab weight loss ? Defo a positive message your sending.. thank you 😊



I joined a slimming club - I have also downloaded the 12 week NHS plan and joined this forum. I think that perhaps with the slimming club and this forum that I have tons of support. The support is paying off- it has kept me on track. It's so reassuring to read that you are not alone with your "weight issues"


Remember their mantra..

" Nothing tastes as good as loosing weight feels ! "

I'd go back but their membership fees V gym costs... can't do both. Think I will try the exercise route first. Good for the mind and the soul...

Keep up your good work !!


Same here, I think the menopause has got me too. I started weight loss and lost half a stone on the run up to xmas, but stupid me have put that stone back on! So I'm looking to get that focus back..... So your comments are fab xxx


Hi Weezie,

What a fab loss, good for you, there's nothing feels so good as getting back in to clothes that were too small 😃

Celebrate every 'stay the same' and loss on your journey😃

You sound really focused and ready to make a change, enjoy.


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Excellent result Debra :) It can take a while to get focused but it is so important to keep you on track.

Good luck for next week :)


Brilliant! I know exactly what you mean, this switch went on in my head last week too!


Wow 7.5 lbs in your first week is brilliant, just brilliant well done :-)


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