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would like to loose 150 pounds in weight

hi there

my name is big Dave

i am 30 year old

my weight used to be 29 stones and 12 pounds to day is 26 stones but would like to get to 16 stones

round my tummy used to be 64 inc to day i am 48 inc would like to be 34 inc

if any one could help me with getting to my coal that would be very cool or if you could give me ides how to loose the weight one day i would love to adoption a kid because there may not be a chance i can have kids because i have learning distillate call 48 xx yy sy

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Good on you how did you lose this much


Hi Big Dave, I would recommend using the N H S 12 week plan to get you onto the right path. I think it will take more than 12 weeks but it is more a change of life than a diet. Buy a electronic scale, and count every calorie that you eat. I would suggest that you eat what you like but in smaller amounts. Hopefully swapping some of the high calorie food for lower calorie options. I would recommend the Hairy Dieter books by Si and Dave. Good luck, don't give up and the people on here will support you all the way.


Hi Dave, joining this forum is a good start. I lost a total of 6st 9lbs last year. My doctor has been a great help and support also. It's all about finding what works for you. I've found that diets don't work for me, I chose to change my eating habits to healthier alternatives bit by bit. This has helped me to keep my weight loss going for just over a year now. Feel free to click on my profile and read the posts I've written. I've included some before and after photos in them also. Good luck and keep reading everyone's posts. The daily email I receive from this forum really helps me keep going!


Hi Dave,

Wow, you've done fantastically well so far :) Have a look at this, it's full of tips and advice to keep you going :)


All the best to you :)


Amazing well done! I think you've done so well this far. Work out your calories and stick to them and try to move more everyday. I walk my dogs. Great incentive even on wet days because they need to walk. Keep on the 12 week plan and stick to your calorie allowance. We're all behind you. Good luck.


Well done on your loss so far. The 12 week plan is a good start to changing habits. Good luck with your journey.


Hi Dave you are already there. You are on the right path to achieving your goal. Try to be more active like swimming and walking .. Take it easy and slow do it the right way. It may take sometimes but you will get there


Welcome Dave,

Hope you enjoy being part of this forum, and wishing you further success with your weight loss journey.

Do join us in the Monday group weigh-in, if you like the look of it - you can see details about it in the Welcome Link that Moreless has posted above.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done for the weight loss so far. I to have a lot of weight to lose and my advice would be don,t be too hard on yourself if you have a bad day, guilt is one of the worst things to sabotage healthy eating. Good luck.


Welcome Dave, I can only say the same as everyone else. Welcome aboard, praise yourself for how you have already done! I am going through a struggling phase just now but like so many others on here it is changing my eating habits that has helped me. I dont eat 'on the run' anymore but insist on sitting down for 30 mins (well sometimes only 15) and eating 'proper' food rather than processed rubbish. I also started slowly substituting the rubbish I ate for healthier options and now I prefer them but it takes time. Dont get frustrated or compare to how anyone else is doing, be proud of what YOU are doing and go at your own pace. Dont try and go too fast - it makes it harder to do and to maintain. You have made such a great start we know you can do it :)


Congratulations Dave a great loss 3 stone well done. carry on in the same vain its working


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