Frozen Yoghurt

Hi everyone,

I have a question and would value your thoughts.

I tried a shop bought 'Coconut flavoured Frozen yoghurt' as a dessert tonight, which I 'thought' might be a healthier option than eating ice-cream, but I realised it actually contained a similar proportion of sugars (approx 22 g per 100g) as the ice-cream had.

I am a fan of the Total range of yoghurts, as the sugar content is only 3g (or thereabouts), so I was wondering whether I could make my own frozen yoghurt, using that product and perhaps adding some coconut oil for flavour. I looked on the internet and found the following American blog post about making frozen yoghurt, which I think is a good post - and helpful to people who want to make their own frozen yoghurt:

However, the blogger concludes that you still need to add sugar to the yoghurt in order to get the creamy consistency - and comments that freezing Greek yoghurts (in particular) can end up with quite chewy textures...!

I am just wondering if anyone has every tried making frozen yoghurt, and whether it is absolutely the case that you'd need to add sugar. Or have you come across a recipe where the sugar content is kept really low, but the taste of the frozen yoghurt turned out really good. Or maybe there's an alternative addition that I could try, to make something tasty?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. I wanted to put this as a 'question' and not a 'post' but the option to choose 'question' doesn't appear to be there currently...


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38 Replies

  • Hi Lowcal,

    I found this recipe, that's sugar free, but uses artificial sweetener for taste, not consistency.

    I think I would make it without the sweetener, but use microwaved soft fruit to add sweetness and flavour.

    Good luck! :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Thanks for this. She is using a sugar substitute, which I wonder if that still means it helps the consistency, as one of the 'comments' made underneath was that it was still equivalent to 4 teaspoons of sugar. I'm wondering therefore if I didn't put the sugar substitute in then it might over-set (like a brick - according to the other blogger) - this is an interesting dilemma - maybe I should just give it a go, but I'll wait to see all the replies before I attempt anything!

    I don't have a yoghurt or ice-cream maker either, so it means making it by hand. I really liked the colour of the serving dish she used in her photo - what a vibrant shade of purple. One of my favourite colours. :-)

    Thanks so much for finding that link, Moreless, it's really useful - and I'll keep the recipe as a potential one to try. I think I have some Xylitol somewhere, so I could perhaps use that, but ideally would like to try without.

    I'll let you know how it goes, if and when I try it out. Sometimes I get these ideas, and then don't always see them through...!

    Lowcal :-)

  • How about using glycerine as a substitute?

  • Hi Moreless,

    I will definitely look into that - thank you!

    I was sorry to hear you've got some flooding near your home - I just read what you wrote in the Around the World thread. Hope it stops soon.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, it's fingers crossed all around.

  • Another suggestion Lowcal, sorry if I'm making a pest of myself, but to get a nice consistency, the yoghurt/icecream should be stirred regularly during freezing, to break up the ice crystals. This is, in effect, what an icecream maker does.

  • Hi Moreless,

    I really appreciate your input - your suggestions are very helpful and much appreciated - you are never a pest (at least not to me! ;-)

    Yes, there would be some work involved in doing it by hand - I've just found a link to a chocolate version here that looks quite good:

    But the lady still recommends some stevia product - I've not used that before - I might try it without that - i.e. just using the other ingredients.

    This all depends on how enthusiastic I feel about this subject over the weekend - but I love the fact people have taken interest and responded - as suggestions really help.

    I'm going to watch some TV now. So I'll catch up with you again soon.

    Enjoy your night!

    Lowcal :-)

  • The problem with using microwaved frozen fruit is that increasing the water content will increase the formation of crystals which will make it more likely to set really hard, I believe. If you wanted to avoid sugar I'd eat partially defrosted berries with yoghurt, which isn't the same thing, but I don't think you will get a great effect without sugar freezing. Also, it is generally harder to taste cold things, and as sugar acts as a flavour enhancer I think frozen yoghurt with coconut oil would taste quite bland.

    I used to love a small pot of yoghurt after a few hours in the freezer, so it contained whatever sugar was in the flavoured yoghurt, but with higher fat yoghurts, there's often less added sugar, and a yoghurt pot size is less than people would often serve themselves when serving an icecream type thing.

  • Hi Craftingfoxcub,

    Thank you for your extremely informative reply - it's really helpful. I think I'm going to try a small pot of yoghurt after a few hours in the freezer, and will be having a look around to find one that I might enjoy flavour wise - Cooper27 has suggested looking at Muller light yoghurts - so I will take a look at those, and also I like the idea of combining partially defrosted berries with Greek yoghurt - which a couple of other people (Cankles and Knitsandcodes) also suggested - plus the more decadent freezing of double whipped cream for those occasions when I fancy that taste (which was Concerned's suggestion).

    There have been lots of great suggestions within this thread, by many people, and I am really happy I posted this thread, to receive so many good ideas.

    Many thanks,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good luck with making this. I once had a kind of disaster with frozen yoghurt a few years ago. I experimented with it by literally just spooning the yoghurt into an ice pole mould and freezing it. It turned completely solid and my son wouldn't touch it, said he preferred it as straight yoghurt. And that was the end of that!

  • Hi WeightWarrior,

    Thanks so much for your reply - this is what I'm anticipating will happen if I attempt it as well. I was just hopeful there might be a solution. Actually I've just noticed that Moreless wrote about glycerine as a substitute - that's interesting... :-)

    I've just replied to your post actually - and then saw you'd replied to mine. :-)

    You've certainly helped me here, as I suspect the chemistry of frozen yoghurt does indeed need something added to ensure the creamy consistency... I will consider Moreless's suggestion of glycerine.

    Lowcal :-)

  • A small portion of double cream, whipped and chilled? NAS!

  • Hi Concerned,

    I don't know what NAS means!

    I do love cream actually - I particularly love clotted cream ice-cream infact - so how does the double cream whipped and chilled compare to shop bought clotted cream ice-cream? Have you ever compared the tastes, as I would definitely consider doing that.

    Thanks for that suggestion - and please do let me know what 'NAS' means as well.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • TBH I don't recall what clotted cream was like; I think it was too expensive for a regular indulgence.

    The extra thick double cream you can get from one of the major supermarkets makes a nice change.

    'NAS' = No Added Sugar :-)

  • Hi Concerned,

    Many thanks, now I know NAS means 'No added sugar' - I just removed that other post where I ventured that it might mean 'nice and simple' :-) But both are apt descriptions.

    What I meant was that I'd bought a clotted cream ice-cream before, and I liked that, so I wondered how your version of making home-made 'iced cream' compared - it sounds tasty, so I will give it a go sometime.

    I appreciate your suggestion.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I add frozen berries to normal percent fat Greek yoghurt. It makes a quick icecream substitute and is good enough!

  • Hi Knitsandcodes,

    That sounds really delicious, and easy too. Many thanks!

    Lowcal :-)

  • It is, I have it most days when my family are eating things I can't have. I don't always blend it, I just have crispy creamy berries to crunch on! I know lots have said banana, but I avoid them in the main, due to sugar content. They are delicious frozen though.

  • Thanks, I really appreciate your suggestions. :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    I am not much help here but I did try to make my own frozen yoghurt ice lollies last year and they were horrible and tasteless. So I would say whatever you choose to do try to make the flavour quite intense as I think freezing it reduces the taste - it did for me anyway.

    Will be interested to hear how you get on or if anyone has any nice (healthy) ice lolly recipes :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Thanks for your reply and for sharing your experience and tip about the flavour. Both Knitsandcodes and Cankles have just offered a method which is easy and sounds like it could really work well - I hadn't thought of blending frozen fruits with the yoghurt, but it reminds me of a previous suggestion made some time back in the forum about making 'banana ice-cream' - which also involved freezing the bananas and then just blending them to a creamy consistency (i.e. without adding anything else) and so adding some yoghurt to the frozen fruit sounds a brilliant idea.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. I think I added too much yoghurt and not enough fruit. I like the banana idea. I will be having another go at it this summer :)

  • Great, I hope it will turn out well - I will be trying some of the suggestions here - at some point. We can compare notes of how our efforts turn out!

    Off to bed now, didn't realise how late it is! Goodnight! :-)

  • Night :)

  • Freeze some chopped up fresh fruit (naturally sweet fruit such as banana is ideal so that you don't need to add extra sugar/sweetness/honey/sweetner etc) Put the frozen fruit and some yoghurt into a blender and blend til smoothish - lovely, thick, semi-frozen yoghurt, ready to eat :)

  • Hi Cankles,

    That is a great idea, and thank you so much for sharing that method - Knitsandcodes (above) has also suggested that method too, and it sounds like a brilliant idea. Thank you so much.

    Lovely, thick, semi-frozen yoghurt, ready to eat - I really like the sound of that. For more decadent times, I'll be having some frozen cream (as per Concerned's suggestion) alongside some microwaved apple and sultanas (Skinnylizzie put me in mind of those in one of her posts earlier today) - so I've got some great options!

    Thank you again.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks to everyone for your suggestions - they are all gratefully received, and if anyone would still like to add further comments or suggestions, then please keep them coming. I feel like I'm learning quite a bit from this post. Thank you! :-)

  • When I went to slimming world, people raved about sticking Muller lights in the freezer to get fat free & sugar free frozen yoghurt. I tried it, and it isn't as straight forward as sticking the pot in the freezer, you do need to whisk it as you would ice cream (or use an ice cream maker), but they have lots of flavours for you.

  • Hi Cooper27,

    That's useful - many thanks! I'll take a look at those yoghurts when I'm next in the supermarket.

    Thanks for the tips re: whisking.

    Many thanks!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I should say, I never quite followed through with making any myself, so have no idea if it gives a decent texture!

    I remember seeing recipes in the magazines to add options hot chocolates (the 40 cal ones) for chocolate flavours too!

  • Thanks Cooper, sounds good. :-)

  • Hi Lowcal I don't eat frozen yoghurt and don't eat sweet things at all other than on special occasions or when it is offered to me. I am more a savory person so unfortunately I am unable to add to this hun. Ask a question about crisps and I'm your girl with all the answers :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    I'll remember that when I have a crisp question - you'll be my prime source of info and I'll come straight to you! I can imagine you are indeed a crisp expert. :-)

    I do love crisps - I usually have 1 packet on the weekend, and I've not bought it yet - as I don't like it to be in the house till I'm ready to have it - so today's going to be the day! So, let's talk flavours - have you got a favourite? I like Prawn Cocktail, and also Cheese and Onion - oh, and Salt & Vinegar... But I think I may choose Prawn Cocktail today. Would love to hear your favourite flavours - I know this is strictly speaking a 'frozen yoghurt' post, but at least we're not hijacking someone else's 'frozen yoghurt' post with this conversation about crisps. I'd feel guilty if that was the case!

    Lowcal :-)

  • You have made me laugh Lowcal :-)

    favorite flavors let's see cheese and onion, smiths bacon fries and scampy, salt & viniger . I do have a large bag of prawn cocktail in the cupboard as well as some cheese flavor natcho's so which one will I choose well I don't know yet, but I do have the choice :-) I'm like the crisp monster on a Sat I just love em

  • Wow, Trafford1, I am so glad I had this discussion with you! As a result of having had the day off yesterday, I've been sitting here this morning assuming it's Sunday, and actually you've just mentioned it's actually Saturday! Now I have so much more time available - and I am sooooo happy about that!!! How could I get so disorientated for days - it's obviously easily done when there's a change of routine.

    Enjoy being the Crisp Monster - I was just trying to help scare Dave1961 off Ice-cream and chocolate through his concept of a 'Monster' - but now you're creating a whole new concept of Monster - which I'm perceiving as the warm and cuddly type... Interesting...

    I'm making myself laugh now.

    But seriously, you have made me very happy now I realise it's Saturday! Thank you! :-)

  • That's hilarious Lowcal :-) :-) I'm so glad you know it is Sat and not Sunday LOL and that you do have more time on your hands than you originally thought :-)

    I am the cute cuddly type of crisp monster. I call myself this as I do enjoy crisps on a Sat as well as other things (yum)

    Enjoy your Sat Lowcal :-)

    I will be writing a post very soon with an up-date on my progress, just had a late get up and go today

  • Great, I'll look out for your post. Have a great day. :-)

  • Still getting used to this new laptop. The keys feel a little different to the last one.

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