Having too much fun !

Having too much fun !

I am having fun on this new adventure for several reasons. Mainly the people , who are so kind and supportive, all the varied ideas, and (this is the kicker) you are so British. I admit to being an Anglophile. I have read British history for years and many British biography s and travel books. When I come across a word I don't know in a post I go directly to Google and happily explore the subject.These are a few of the things I have learned.

pudding = desert

chips =fried potatoes? I thought chips were french fries.

brown sauce= steak sauce

beetroot = beets

courgette = zucchini

aubergine - eggplant

And so many more

Some of the dishes I have tried and loved are...banger and mash , peas mashed into mashed potatoes,Scotch eggs, You notice I love the comfort foods. Some of these aren't conducive to weight loss so I tweak them. It's making weight loss much more fun.

i'm wondering if anyone can come up with a food or term to stump me. I won't google it. I already know spotted dick so don't go there.


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16 Replies

  • There are some amusing differences within the English language, aren't there. Where is it you are from?

  • Detroit, Michigan USA I actually live in surrounding suburbs , however, I grew up in Ohio farm country.

  • Oh wow, you are far away, I am glad you found us though!

  • It is nice that you are using our forum from over there.

  • Try these for size vintage :)

    chappit tatties

    clootie dumpling




    potted heid

  • Oh my. Tatties are potatoes. I'll just have a think and get back to you.

  • It's a bit like a crossword puzzle :D

    But what kind of potatoes? :)

  • Crikey, you've stumped me Moreless ! Speak English :)

  • I quite like faggots

    I like them in the morning, I like them late at night

    I don't mind them with my tatties, or paired with a swede

    If you're having faggots you're going to fill a need

    It's all about tradition and giving it a go

    Have them slow or have the quick

    Just don't have them with a spotted dick

  • What about a faggot for tea ??


  • Oh - faggots are fab :-) Brains Faggots :-D

  • I remember those adds lucca!!

  • Many moons ago, I used to buy fresh faggots from the butcher. I haven't seen them for years.

  • Gibbons ? Anybody for a nice gibbon with a bit of salt ? 😊

  • Monkeys????? :)

  • No its spring onions 😊 I'm guessing not many people will know them as that. It seems to be just a welsh name for them ( not welsh language tho) as when I moved out of wales to England, people looked at me mad when I called spring onions that. - its one for your list of obscure local names tho 😃

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