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Thank you

What shall I eat today? Recipes? How many calories? Are the scales and tape measure going up or down? How long have I been sitting on my bum? How many steps/miles/hours have I done? Low carb? Intermittent fasting? How much protein? Dealing with cravings? Questions, questions and more questions. This is how it was when I first started.

Was I confused? Yes.

I don't think like this now. My mind is at peace and free to concentrate on other things. I could have read books, that would give me clear rules to stick to, or watched video's and TV programmes. This would have been of little use, as we tend to gradually discard rules over time. A bit like driving a car perhaps. The longer one drives the more one's likely to disregard some of the basic rules, not like the newly qualified driver who has all the rules still fresh in the mind. As people, we are like that. That's why airline pilots once qualified, will have to be retrained every few years, to keep the rules and skills fresh and up to date.

All posts, on this forum contribute to my overall picture and sense of ease with dieting. The ill informed, the new and frightened, determined, the weak, the informative, the amusing, the sad, the desperate and so on. Each post reflecting my own thoughts at one time or another. Collectively more powerful than any scientific theory. Each post discussed in electronic type, argued, debated and rationalised, in real time, reflecting the machinations of my own mind. The forum is a huge part of my internal rationalisation, and my conscience too.

The forum has done a lot for me, and I'd just like to say thank you.

PS My workload is heavy at least for a few weeks, but I shall be reading and enjoying :)

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Your input has been inspiring and supportive , so we hope to see you on here again at some point. Meanwhile, don't work too hard😊


Oh my Tewson, you disappeared before I could thank you for your input to the forum and your friendly, upbeat, wise and witty posts :)

This post typifies your eloquence and deep understanding of the human psyche and has articulated my own feelings perfectly.

As elliebath has already said, don't work too hard, we need you back with us in full capacity :)

Take care of yourself and stay away from the peanuts! ;)


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