getting started

Hi All,

Well we are well on the way into 2016 and still trying to get motivated, getting back to the gym and swimming, but like everything else there is always something in the way to stop me, mostly my mind.

I was wondering if any one else was in the same predicament, I live in Bilston and a member of the Bert Williams leisure centre, does any one else use the gym and swimming pool and would like to buddy up for a work out and swim am free most days.

I also like to go for bike rides mostly along the cut.



2 Replies

  • Sorry Mike, much as I would love a cycling buddy, we're about 300 miles apart :)

    If you're struggling with motivation, why not join our challenge?

    Good luck! :)

  • First step is to believe in yourself and your abilities to make these changes you so want and take control. You can do this. Plan every single day and the rest will all fall into place. Good luck on your journey Mike

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