Stressful hard to stay on top!

Morning, so Xmas and new year have been stressful , mum who has mental health issues and played up Xmas, a 3 year old in and out of hospital with chest/ lung infections and asthma just been tiring and emotional and I have comfort ate :( which I am diaspoointed in myself as am no further forward with any weight loss but today is the day I'm going to restart :)

Hope everyone's journey is going well and happy new year to you all xx


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4 Replies

  • Good luck

  • Sorry to hear of your difficulties over Xmas - look after yourself as well, and good luck with getting back into the healthy eating :-)

  • Oh no Kirsty, what a horrible Christmas :(

    Don't be disappointed with yourself, it's over and done with and today's a new day :)

    I don't know how far along with your journey before, but I started this today in the hope of helping newbies. It may, or may not be of use to you.

    All the best :)

  • Hi Kirsty :-) hope things have settled down now since Christmas and happy new year to you :-) I know this is easier said than done, but try making some time just for you where possible so that you can concentrate on this journey and making those all important changes in your life. When I started my journey I had to be a little selfish and take time out to exercise. I had to make time for me when I made my plans and the key was to plan out every single day in advance and stick to it. I hope that you can find time for yourself and I wish you a very successful journey.

    Good luck

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