30 day shred! (Oh wow)

My my. It's been a long while since I did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Today was a not running day so did my dog walk and went to strength train as (fairly) usual but decided to revisit this old friend as I felt I'd been lightweighting a bit with my own routines - it's so easy to slack off and not realise. Anyway. Did the first workout and I am literally shaking. I though I was in relatively good shape but Jillian has kicked my behind! Very interested to see how my body feels tomorrow 😕


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16 Replies

  • Hi, I've had this DVD for ages and it still hasn't been out of the box😳 I think I used to be scared of going through the floorboards if I jumped around to much😂🙄☹️

    You might just have inspired me to dust it off tomorrow, thanks😀

  • It's SO worth getting it out of the box! It's only 20 minutes of your day so not too disruptive but my goodness does it work! I recommend doing it every other day or so as everyday somehow disheartened me with it - hard to explain but I found before doing it every couple of days kept me keen. It's my absolute go to when I feel I need a bit of a pep talk. Good luck with it 😊 xx

  • Hi, thanks for the advice. My sister recommended it to me, she's super fit though and I've always felt as though I'd never get through 30 seconds never mind 30 days lol.

    However I'm 2 stone lighter now and feel so much fitter sooo I think you've convinced me😀

  • well done you! the 30 day shred is hard!

    just be careful on the impact for the jumps etc (even jumping jacks) x

  • Funny you should say that - I did it on a good mat for this reason - been doing more road running lately because the trails are a bit lethal - have definitely noticed more strain on my legs so being a bit more careful 😊

  • defo be careful, I used a think yoga mat and trainers but prob needed more (I messed up my ankle on the jumping jacks and was running too on alternative days, pushed through the pain for a week till admitting defeat - ending up I had severe ligament damage in my ankle up to my knee and go to a physio frequently now - also not allowed to run, jump, hop etc except on a cross trainer or trampoline lol)

    also I found doing 10mins of yoga helped for running (helped limber me up) and the Jillian Michaels yoga burn is really intense!

  • This is excellent advice thank you so much! I will definitely check out the yoga burn - I struggle with yoga as I find I kind of wing it but if Jillian has one out it's sure to push me hard 😊

    That's a very valuable warning about your ankle....I am terrible for stubbornly pushing through. I will be very careful to listen to my legs then - I work away so much if I ended up needing to see a physio it would be nigh on impossible. Thanks again, really appreciate your help x

  • Has anyone done the Beginner shred? sounds a wee bit kinder...

  • I am doing the beginner stage of the 30 day shred - is that the same?

  • I wasn't aware there was a beginner shred. A friend of mine has the 30 day shred which consists of three levels, 10 days on each. Are you on level one maybe and see this as beginner or is there a DVD called Beginners Shred?

  • I saw a Beginbers Shred DVD! Wondered if it's the same as the beginner section of the 30 day shred... But that would be a bit of a swizz...?!

  • Yeah it would be 😌. I've looked online and can't find a beginners one, where did you see it?

    Update - I found it! Not sure how much easier/kinder it is.

  • Out of interest (being nosey) what are you using for the weights? I know my friend used tins of food. Just wondered if you had invested in some weights and if so which ones and what weight?

  • Sorry for the delay I've only just seen this question! I use 1kg hand weights which I thought might be too light but actually they seem pretty suitable - I do feel it the nest day. I tried it with my 5lb weights and they were far too heavy x

  • Thank you :o)

  • So here's a little update. I've just done my fourth shred - I am alternating it with running days so not doing it every day as I feel it's important not to hammer the muscles too much. I was really aching after the first couple of times but I have to say on day four it is already feeling much more doable and although I am doing the modified push ups I am doing the full version of everything else. I'll do the modification again on day five but I think after that I'll have a go at the full version. I feel very energised and whether it's placebo or not I do feel 'tighter' in my body if that makes sense. I fully intend to keep at this right to the end, and with that in mind I am now going to have a little glass of red wine just because I can 😊

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