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Happy new year

Hi to everyone not been on since the summer, so this is just a hello!! Also seeing how everyone is getting on, it's s full year for me since I started this so my progress is this, just before Xmas I was 3lbs from loosing 2stone, weighed myself and put on three pounds but do you know what I actually didn't care, I'm back to my normal routine so I think everything will be ok, we got a puppy so this will be my new exercise routine now. Hope this does inspire someone, I'm happy with my progress and I feel good and my body shape is different, on words and upwards so happy new year to all. Kerry

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Happy New Year to you too Kerry,

Thanks for posting your achievements, it's always nice to hear how others are getting on :)

Well done for your losses and well done for being so pragmatic about your Christmas gain and getting right back on track :)

Maybe you and your new puppy would like to join us on our trip Around the world :)


I'd like to wish you continued success on your journey.

Onwards and Downwards! :)


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