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Never been so positive :o)

Well for the first time I sprung out of bed rather than slowly one leg then other leg fall out of bed , like the walking dead.. i Grabbed my dogs lead and of I went for walk at 6.30 this morning ,dark and foggy but was a lovely feeling... daughter and other half still asleep when usually its usually the other way round.. I feel I have some thing to aim for in life... concentrate on me for a change ..I have only just started this plan but its knowing there's thousands of people in same boat and the fact we can all help each other is absolutely wonderful. I hope this feeling continues I feel like a new person already and I've not actually lost anything yet,,, does that make sense ??

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Good luck. I admire your enthusiasm.


Well done, a great start. Are you healthy eating as well?


"... concentrate on me for a change ..."

I think that's very important (without being totally selfish, of course). But you have an important goal to attain, and you can't let anyone distract you from it. It's really easy to get seduced away from doing exercise or eating the right things. Keep it up!!

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Oh well done Joanne,

It's great to hear how positive you are feeling, and it can only get better as you begin to shed the unwanted weight. Don't get me wrong, there may well be days when you feel disappointed if you haven't lost any or as much weight as you were hoping, but those are the days when the lovely people who use this forum will help you stay focused. Good luck to you.


What a fantastic post Joanne and I know exactly what you mean :)

Once the light bulb goes on, you can see things in absolute clarity and suddenly if feels as if anything and everything is possible.

I wish you every success with your new life and just in case you need any more motivation, how about signing up for our Around the World challenge :)


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