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Hi Everyone

I'm using the app myfitnesspal and I wanted to check what your thoughts are on this? I'm allowed 1850cals per day and when I exercise this gets added to my calorie intake for the day.

I trained and burned 450cals today which took my calorie allowance up to 2300cals but when I completed my day it wouldn't register as I was 1000cals short?? I've had three good meals and a snack but as my exercise has been added I'm still under my intake? When I exercise do I still have to ensure that I hit the 1800 calories?

I'm slightly confused by it all.




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6 Replies

  • I use myfitnesspal but I don't link my exercise because I think it misleads you into eating more. If you stick to your 1800 calories any exercise will be a bonus. You don't need to eat the extra. Let your body burn it. Good luck

  • I also use mfp and from what i have learned us you need eat enough calories to lose weight,if it has said you are short or below calories recomended eat more good foods and aim for minimum 1800 and check you are counting everything and using good scales.I eat 3 meals a day and ecercise 5 times a week burning 500cals per day and still hit cals req.Good luck and check all info you have put into mfp

  • I never added on to my calory allowance the amount I lost in excercising. To me burning calories was a bonus. it made me feel good that I was "double dipping" in the "losing weight" bowl.

  • I get confused as mfp says eat 1200 calories but NHS says 1400 so which is it?

  • You should eat at least half of your exercise calories. If you go below the minimum level of calories (which is usually around 1100) you will be depriving yourself of nutrients and your body will still hold onto the fat, because it thinks you are eating less than it needs to keep going.

  • I do certainly agree that if you are doing some good exercise, you can probably allow yourself to increase your calories somewhat (but I'm talking only eating something like an extra banana !).

    However, I would be quite wary about the 'calories burnt' figures that some of these websites come up with (mfp, endomondo etc) - I reckon that they are over estimated in quite a few cases. I know that I could go for a fairly steady walk with the dog of about 5k - and I'm pretty sure I've not burnt the 500 or so calories that these sites are telling me have been used up !!

    So yes, Chris, if you are running, down the gym working up a sweat etc - you are probably safe to have a bit more. If you are out for a walk without increasing heart rate by much - I wouldn't risk increasing calorie intake :-)

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