And on it goes !!!

I know must of us are trying to put Xmas behind us, I've cleared my cupboards, donated sweets,biccies and choccies so finally felt I was in a good place but ..................

Two sets of neighbours have returned from holidays one family are Italian and have just delivered a box of handmade Italian biscuits and a huge panettone!!

Our other neighbours are German and they have delivered a huge stollen !!

My aim for this week was damage limitation well now not sure !!!!!!! Help!!!




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19 Replies

  • Put the stollen and Pantone in the freezer.

  • Difficult isn't it Flossie, we had a few things unopened left in the larder after Christmas including a beautiful cake. I checked all the use by dates and where appropriate I've packaged it all up and stored it away for Easter (just going to change the decoration on the cake!!!).

    Good luck with the test for your resolve.

  • Oh dear Flossie - the culture of giving food is no good for us foodies! Panettone is quite dry and boring so that should be easy to swerve. The others could be a struggle - I would love the biscuits, so glad they are your problem ;) Can you put the stolen back for Easter maybe?

    I have dipped into the work sweets a couple of times but have been pretty restrained. I had hoped to get back to my pre-xmas weight by Friday but looking like it will be at least next Friday.

    We'll get there though :)

  • Oh no - sueper - you need to wash your mouth out with soap :-) - panettone is never 'dry and boring' - you've been buying the wrong stuff if it is !! (says the person who polished off far too much of a Carluccio's chocolate panettone over Xmas ;-) )

  • Sorry :( Please don't tell me it's nice - I've only had it once and wasn't impressed. I must keep convincing myself it's boring as my cake and chocolate indulgences are already too far reaching already ;)

  • You're right - it's disgusting - don't go near it, and as Melc3 says - post it to me instead !! ;-)

  • Feel so much better now :)

  • I love this one cake and chocolate are boring stuff that is fantastic to keep telling myself and than I will be able to stop eating all the wrong food. Thanks sueper you have just lifted up my spirits as I was so down as I have been eating wrong food and felt awful and I may not as finally I got rid of my thrush and I have no more pain so I better be careful!

  • I made an orange drizzle and put that on top made it lovely!!!! not good for the diet though

  • Panettone makes great bread and butter pudding - make a big one and when its cooked put it in the freezer in 'bite sized' pieces for those days when you have to have something sweet!

    You may also be interested to know you can also freeze stollen...and if you do that you only have the Italian Biscuits to get rid of - which I suggest you take to work .............or post to me ;-)

  • lol @ 'post to me'... Melc3 - that's really funny. :-)

  • Hi Flossie,

    I haven't read other people's responses yet, but my initial thought was that maybe you could take the German stollen round to the Italian family as a gift, and take the handmade Italian biscuits and Pannetone round to the German family - and the problem is solved, and hopefully everyone is happy! :-)

    I do realise that probably wouldn't work - I'm sure they'd spot you, or probably talk to each other about it.

    I'll see what the others said, I'm sure they have some great ideas.

    I think I would investigate whether these items are able to be frozen, so you can hopefully eat them very very gradually over the year - or maybe just offer to guests who visit you, rather than eat them yourself.

    It isn't easy is it.

    I was thrilled on the weekend by the fact that a relative of mine actually gave me a gift of a Honeydew melon - normally it would be cake or biscuits or something like that, but I must have really affected her choice of gift somehow - for her to have chosen a healthy fruit!

    Hope you are having a great week Flossie, and well done for clearing out all your stuff.

    I'm going to read other people's responses now.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • My brother is on a diet so I took him a chunk of tree trunk for his logburner he didn't seem too happy about that, ( I did take him wine and sister in law chocs as well)

  • oh-floss-you-poor-thing-just-as-you-get-rid-of-one-problem-another-two-follow


  • Throw them in the bin now!!!! 😉

  • Can you give them away to charity?!

  • It is hard to say no. We also had dips, pate and yummy Brie cheese....... I just have ....just..... a little bit.... for taste... And hope hubby will finish the rest so I will not be tempted.

  • Try a piece of each and give. The rest away!

  • I know the feeling, hubby is still getting donations of xmas cake and eating it in front of me!!

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