Silly talk

Silly talk

Well, I done the school run and went for an exhilarating walk this morning, much of the walk over rough ground. As usual, my mind wandered as I walked. Quality of life and how should I measure it? How can I explain the sheer joy of added mobility? I know, I thought to myself, I shall count the number of people who say, “good morning” to me. I got bored after 24 minutes and had counted thirty-eight up to that point.

I met and saw loads of people, running, walking, dog walking rushing to school and work, sweeping roads. It was still early, about 9:20. I could tell you about the mist on the grass, the due on the cobwebs or the waking birdsong, but no. This time I noted the people. No one seemed to be overweight. Young, teens, mums, middle age and elderly all going about their own thing and I was one of them in the tapestry :)

Eventually, I arrived at the high street, The first shop I saw was as pizza joint and next to it a mobility shop with scooters parked outside. Along the road was the hospice charity shop and over the road was a funeral directors. They all seemed linked in some depressing way :( . Further along the road was a bright new shop, all sparkling and modern. It was positively brimming with hope and expectations of a bright new future.

As I approached close enough to read the signs in the window and smell the contents of the shop, my interest was piqued. The sign said, crème brulee, custard, strawberry, chocolate, banoffee pie and a whole host more :) I could smell the food, all mixed smells and wafting out the door. Yummy I thought, but a little early for me.

I went in the shop, and not a piece of food there, no apple pies, no jam doughnuts and no custard or the like. The shop was selling VAPE products. E-Cigarettes and now E-food!!! I won't bore you with the entire conversation, “how much?” I asked. Only £155 for a starter kit apparently. I left the bewildered and astonished. There's always someone ready to capitalise on someone else’s misery and make a buck or two. Selling false hope to those most in need and often who can least afford it.

I headed home, wondering whether in future, school children will have their vapour desserts tucked away in their lunch boxes. Wondering the damage it will cause to their lungs, their body and mind. I felt a little older and that the world was moving at a pace I now find more difficult.

The bus arrived and I boarded, taking my seat by the window. Looking at the crowds now building in the busy roads and streets, I noticed that people had gotten bigger. It was not my spectacles malfunctioning, it was true. I relaxed and my mind wandered to day dreaming about the beach and the pebbles being deposited on the sand as the tide receded. Just like people I thought, early on in the day one tends to see the fit and the healthy, just like the small pebbles and as the tide goes out the heavier pebbles are revealed and then the very big stones, a bit like people, the heavier less fit spilling onto the streets a few hours after the busy day has started.

I want to be a little pebble I thought!

PS A note for my diary, the ground was wet and slippery on the slopes leading up the hill, but my balance has improved so much. A year ago I would not have attempted what I done today.

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14 Replies

  • Really enjoyed reading this the shop sounds like reading 1984 or Brave new world before its time. I have come to similar conclusion with the news in general and the state of people going about their business, what kind of world is evolving? One thing for sure is I am glad I stepped off the bandwagon and hitched on here. feeling really great this morning and energised that's got to be worth the effort we just have to spread the message so its not all doom and gloom which is what happens when your health deteriorates. Good afternoon


    This will never be my world


    Have a lovely day today lizzzie. The sun is shining and I'm feeling good 😎

  • Really enjoyed reading your piece and especially your philosophical thoughts about life.

  • What a lovely post and photo, looks a beautiful day, we are in our 3rd day of torrential rain so I'm still a bit soggy from this mornings outing with the dog and my 'walk' in the pouring rain !! but need to get my kms in 😎

    Did have a chuckle at the disappointment in the e-shop, how are mind works at the thought of all things nice!! Lol

    You must feel really good being able to look back and see a huge difference in your health and fitness😃

    Don't wish to be too small a pebble cos you'll either get stood on or picked up and thrown out to sea !!!

    Have a further contemplative week🤔


  • Thanks flossie, I just got back from another school run. Sorry to hear it's still mucky near you, but so pleased you got out and about :)

    The e-shop smelled just like a bakers, I thought I could smell Eaton Mess as I walked in ...................... I was sooooooooooo disappointed. I was ready to by something for Ron ....... Later Ron that is :D

    A small pebble for me every time. Basking in the sunshine when the tide goes out ...... nice :) 🌞

  • Thanks for the lovely photo Tewson

    rain not stopped here and everywhere flooded however feeling good as managed moderate walk of 30 minutes

    good luck to all those new starters like me and for those already on the journey keep up motivating everyone

  • Have you thought of rowing :D 🚣🚣🚣

  • Very lol !! Its either that or cry 😢 this rain is the worst !!!


  • Hi-Tewson-this-was-a-very-interesting-read-and-thank-you-for-posting-it.


  • Loved your post -for some reason it reminded me of violet beaureguarde and her 'meal' in a gum stick in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.x

  • Hi Tewson,

    I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing, and it's a lovely scene too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • If you think the VAPE shop was bad, Tewson - have a look at what I spotted in Toyrus the other day for kids.

    It's a 'tiny' meal that kids can make in the microwave - tiny burger, tiny fries, tiny coke - all made out of some horrible chemical food stuff and flavourings and colouring - ugh !!

  • I followed the link and just could not believe my eyes. Truly yucky!

    But seeing some of the people in the town centre I can appreciate that there is a market.

    On the train from work one day, a mother was sitting next to me with her headphones on, while her c. 6yr old child was creating havoc near the doors. She was screaming and yelling and throwing a tantrum. The mother quietly took her headphones off and with a voice like a fog horn shouted at full volume, "COME HERE TYRANNY AND STOP PLAYING WITH THE DOORS!!"

    Yes, I can see that there would be a market for them, sadly.

  • Interesting reading. I love your post Tewson, and the photo.

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